fediverse meta, instance block, harassment and violence (boost with CW) 

From @Sylvhem
Fellow admins of the Fediverse, you should consider blocking kiwifarms.cc, instance-wide and immediately.
Kiwi Farms is a far right online forum dedicated to harassment, doxxing and gaslighting. They are *very* dangerous. Some of their favorite target have been harassed by them for years and they love to target vulnerable people.
They opened a Pleroma instance some months ago. Suspend them and be careful.
To be fair, I thought most people blocked them right on the spot. But it seems a lot of admins are ever unaware of the existence of Kiwi Farms or unaware of the existence of their instance, kiwifarms.cc.
Unlike Gab's users, most Kiwi Farms' regulars are actively malign and may actively seek people to harass. That's why I strongly suggest you to suspend kiwifarms.cc instance wide if you are an admin.


re: fediverse meta, instance block, harassment and violence (boost with CW) 

@packbat @Sylvhem@eldritch.cafe Reminder that the KiwiFarms spawned 2 mass shooters and is run by a pedophile.

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