art history, featuring a good dog (+) 

This is the least ancient-Egyptian-looking ancient Egyptian artifact that I ever saw. I'm only assured it's probably authentic because the Met says so. Look at this, it's a front view of a cartoon dog with, like, googly eyes. It looks like it's from the Sunday funnies or the Moomins or something. Like the missing part of the chunk of limestone could have had a sppech bubble on it saying "Yesh." The artist was a freethinker that cares not for contemporary stylistic conventions, and cares only for their dog's wonderful ridic furrowed brow. The one Egyptian thing about it is-- just like when we see traditional Egyptian boats or plants or farm animals or whatever, and we go "oh, they really *do* look just like the drawings after all"-- is that I can be sure that this is *exactly* what that dog looked like. I love this dog.


re: art history, featuring a good dog (+) 

@frameacloud Definitely it's some sort of ridgeback looking doggo! That's way cool!

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