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I feel like this is an abuser trap - they're actually bringing more appropriate charges against Floyd's killers and they're about to point at us and yell if we continue protesting. More appropriate charges don't mean much if several months down the line, all of these guys get off with a tiny slap on the wrist, and especially because I feel like this was practice for how the authorities are going to deal with the election. And I can't be the only one who feels we need to continue protesting.

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@Leucrotta That's the thing - rare an accomplishment as it is to get murders of that kind charged, it's even more rare the case doesn't get held up for months, shifted out of the area, and hey presto, not guilty or given a trivial sentence, eg Oscar Grant's killer in Fruitvale BART was sentenced to two years, and served 11 months in a private cell.

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@porsupah I used that BART station a few times. I was in what we were trying to rename Grant Plaza frequently during Occupy. I'm gonna be over here screaming.

uspol related 

@Leucrotta The protests must continue until the abuse stops happening because it happens every day somewhere in America.

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