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Also a refsheet for bubblegum!! Also made by @Zylex ! Now you all know how she looks uwu

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My job title is: professional good girl

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intro post 

Hello! I'm Mattie, I'm a 18 year old pan, poly, trans girl (she/her) from Sweden, I am probably also some type of kin but I'm not sure on that. I am currently studying music production and I'm on my last year before I graduate. Outside of school I do a lot of different stuff which mostly includes playing video games, drawing, playing and listening to music and sometimes even trying to make my own stuff. If you want to talk to me my discord/tele are on my profile and I'm open to chatting.

Now I even got a cool as ukulele! I already love this game

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I should stream on twitch again. Its chill and nice to chat and whatever. But its just having the mental energy to start the stream

Anyone of my friends on here got Risk of Rain 2? I'm thinking of getting it, I just wanna know if I'd have people to play it with

Apparently every post that happens right now actually happened an hour ago. Am I that much in the past?

family or something idk maybe -? Idk 

"Hey you should learn how to do this with our thing because I know you're going to be here for a while and that you aren't going to move out like right after you get done with school." Haha no. I am fuck this place.

thinking if I should get the outer worlds

Raptor DLC outfit where he just has a belly hoodie on,,,, and nothing else 👀

Thinking about how you should give me belly rubs

Mattie :ms_demigirl_flag: ! booped

why do people continue making games with "auto battle" features

if the main gameplay loop is so boring you need a way to automate it, maybe it's because it sucks and should be remade to be actually good

It is frankly bullshit that I'm not allowed to cuddle with my partners right now

Mattie :ms_demigirl_flag: ! booped

idk why I thought of this shitpost. Part caps, americans or something idk 

Talking about anything at all with an american: *thing we're talking about* reminds me about this! You know what it is right?
Me: no?
M: I'm... I'm not american?

Mattie :ms_demigirl_flag: ! booped

Having a very late birthday party with some of my friends today. And I got this cute little thing since all of us love Among Us

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