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not flo walking up, looking at flick's ass and leaving eugfhjfhnh

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Fuck you, stringfish. See you in December, you fucking asshole.

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some of these are probably weeds or grass but I’m sure some of it is flowers!!

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last week I scattered a jar of wildflower seeds into this garden bed and today it’s covered in these little green sprouts!!!!

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always fun to see what democrats do when they have complete legislative and executive majorities :) twitter.com/jimmyvielkind/stat

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1) i already own this game, steam knows this already, why show me an ad for it
2) what the FUCK is this cover art lol

or not. I thought this would crop differently lol

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amazing to think how prehistoric man tamed wolves and they became the dogs, pigs, horses and cows we know today

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harsh but true

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ACAB includes the rabbit from zootopia

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oh shit does the music change when you get resident services?

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