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Mad is an identity, not a synonym for "angry", "frustrated" or "unwise". As such, please don't use "mad" when you mean one of those things. Thank you.

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I do not like being called "mate". please do not call me "mate". 📌

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hey ppl please tell me if I boost or say something that makes you uncomfortable! (especially if you're neurodivergent and stuff!)

I'd like to make this account safer for my ND friends. <3

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Soni, autistic, she/her nonbinary/autgender, often depressing, posts mostly private, hides boosts from home feed. known harasser (but working on it). meltsdown a lot. wants to be gone from this world.

enjoys music, programming as a hobby (without the corporate BS), pissing off techbros/gamerbros.

kinky, but avoids talking about it.

probably friendly once you get to know her. may be considered loud/annoying/toxic in overwhelming social situations.

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📌​ hey please call me in if you see me do something you don't like.

also I'm always worried I'll mess something up and you won't see/know about it so if I ask about some behaviour you're calling out it's just me trying to do my best? (I feel like I shouldn't need to say this, but I think some ppl don't think this is reasonable)

tired: writing club
wired: game writing club
hacked: malware writing club

progress towards destroying capitalism with the help of capitalism: 0%

"how did you get the custom emojo glued to text like that" ZWNJ

I'm bi and feeling like shit, so, bie o/

I wonder how often "assimilationist" and "anti-violence" correlate.

violence, meta 

I like the discourse(?) that's happening on stackoverflow.


eval "$(printf 'NAME=%q ; ffmpeg -i "$NAME" converted/"$NAME".flac ;' *.*)"

figuring out how to say stuff is hard actually :<

are you ever scared of interacting with someone because you're scared you might break/hurt them? .-.

I don't know music theory actually :p

why can't I just have DSD encoders

(no, DFPWM doesn't count.)

do *you* know what this does?

$(printf 'NAME=%q ffmpeg -i "$NAME" converted/"$NAME".flac \n' *.*)

I sorta just woke up and am bi and tired

I wish I knew how to DAW so I could make music with vocals.

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