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Soni, autistic, she/her nonbinary/autgender, often depressing, posts mostly private, hides boosts from home feed. known harasser (but working on it). meltsdown a lot. wants to be gone from this world.

enjoys music, programming as a hobby (without the corporate BS), pissing off techbros/gamerbros.

kinky, but avoids talking about it.

probably friendly once you get to know her. may be considered loud/annoying/toxic in overwhelming social situations.

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📌​ hey please call me in if you see me do something you don't like.

also I'm always worried I'll mess something up and you won't see/know about it so if I ask about some behaviour you're calling out it's just me trying to do my best? (I feel like I shouldn't need to say this, but I think some ppl don't think this is reasonable)

okay, I should probably hold off on posting stuff like that again until I figure out how to reduce harm and deal with stuff like that if it does happen. sorry. :<

occupational hazard 

stimmy terminal emulator

adds nice sounds to key presses/screen changes.

(hopefully without leaking sudo/ssh passwords, tho)

I could use a terminal emulator that makes sounds when things on the screen change

I'm kinda broken right now as far as coding goes.

okay that was basically selfharm wasn't it.

yeah. .-.

thinking of everything I've been through... ugh. it's a lot.

I wanna cry tbh. today is one of those days.

you should take your recovery at your own pace.

child abuse? 

I'm gonna sleep because sensory underload. good night o/

@unascribed can you make a userscript that adds boost privacy?

those takes? they're not something I agree with anymore.

oh, I guess that's because of law enforcement or something.

why does still not have a contact email/form

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