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Midnight Eggchat @Starbreaker

The Tube Map annoys me every time I have to use it because its co-ordinates defy mapping (and mathematical) convention. You're supposed to give co-ordinates as eastings (x axis) first, then northings (y axis). The Tube Map does this in reverse, e.g. Bethnal Green is given the co-ordinate C7 despite the letters being on the y axis.

Just bought a ticket for London Toycon. It's happening on my birthday, so I'm clearly meant to go.

You know how people say 'bread is bad for ducks, give them grapes/pumpkin seeds/peas/birdseed/lettuce etc. instead'? They won't eat any of that stuff. Bread is all they want. If you give them oats or peas or whatever they just regard you with baleful disdain.

@TMWReviews Oh yeah, I remember the grey goo bit from WipEout Pulse. That was alarming.

This battery has been running for nearly 180 years and we don't know what it's made of. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_E

This is some SCP shit.

Starmie is one of my favourite pokemon, because it's pretty and bejewelled but it's also an eyeless eldritch monstrosity. awoo.space/media/4-xHrrbP-cyyQ

Wildstar Online actually does this exact thing very well! When you roll a new toon, your options are 'I'm new to MMOs', 'I'm new to WildStar Online' or 'I've played Wildstar Online before'.

Something I'd like in a Pokemon game: a mechanic-exposition selector at the start. Choose from:
> I'm new to games
> I'm new to Pokemon, or it's been a while
> It's cool, I got this

Saves you from having to sit through lengthy tutorials about how to catch a pokemon and other things you've already done seven generations of games through.

*sits bolt upright* Why did Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire open with your character riding with furniture in a removal van? Why didn't they just put all their things in PC storage then download them at the new house??

I'd like to see more games where if you die, you don't simply reload from the last checkpoint or whatever. Instead, you have to go on a quest in ghost form to come back to life.

Fallen London has this. I'd like to see it in action games too. (Primal on the PS2 sort-of has it - if Jen dies, Scree has to find a portal to resurrect her.)

My mum paid the council to take away an old wardrobe. They will only take away intact furniture, not broken pieces.

I've just watched them smash it to fuck so they could get it in the van. I feel cheated! I could have had that fun!

The PlayStation mobile app can tell you if someone's sent you a message, then it expects you to download another app so you can actually read it.

The Elephant's Garden by Felix Colgrave is one of my favourite animations: youtube.com/watch?v=vlUR09yRHZ

I'm reading a book about cosmology. Franz Zwicky, who first proposed the idea of dark matter, called those who ridiculed him 'spherical bastards' because 'they are bastards no matter which way you look at them'.

Idea: a game with romanceable characters, and the distribution of their sexualities is procedurally-generated at the start of each playthrough, instead of being fixed in canon.

Persona 3 will always hold a special place in my heart because I played it when I was at the most depressed I've ever been (unmedded, I didn't realise it was depression until after it stopped), and a gentle, really repetitive game with muted palettes and soft music was just what I needed. It was very comforting and nice.

One of the weirdest differences I found out about UK and US English is that in the US 'frown' refers to the state of the mouth, not the eyebrows. I only just learned about this but it makes a lot of confusing instances suddenly make sense in retrospect.

):< This face is frowning in both UK and US English.
): This face is frowning in US but not UK.
(:< This face is frowning in UK but not US.