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My M1 Mac Mini is now just like randomly freezing up and otherwise.

Of course the theme is just random and no idea which kind of game I would even be making at all.

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There is a GMTK Game Jam coming up and it is like, should I do it? I have not done GameDev at all in many many years. Kinda just untouched parts of my brain.

There is like a smudge on my glasses that refuses to go away and moves everywhere else.

Yee I bought Klonoa 1+2 for the Switch, coming straight from Japan! Will be excite squeak!

Today is now my birthday and I have yet to sleep, I need to sleep.

Office successfully painted white, tomorrow it shall be orange! Also spray painted the ventilation shaft cover a nice black after doing some sanding of it.

I recently figured out a more optimal route to walk to the store and it feels rather good. More optimal as in smoother and smaller elevation changes, since Pittsburgh is very hilly. My previous route would take me through a steep area which slowed me down much.

Does anyone else like walking around outside in the dark around midnight when all is silent and there are no other souls around?

I really like the take the pen out and jot down a note feature of the Samsung S22 Ultra because I have aphantasia and I cannot form mental images so I sometimes have to like sketch something to think about it.

Always having a copy of the GIF89a specification open is my thing.

Still debating whether or not to go to AC, either for the full stay or just a single day visit.

Headache Pain (-) 

Time for a long major headache, my brain hurts.

I like how the bright shining ball of plasma shines in the window when I work.

My nest egg hatched and turned out to be a money bird that flew away.

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