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Help some native Hawaiians pay some bills, do education work, & keep a roof over the kids by grabbing Neofeud! Also you get an anti-capitalist anti-racist #cyberpunk game :)
Thread on Neofeud:

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trans surgery gofundme 

Jade Oxford Rose, a TTRPG podcaster and friend of a friend, is currently raising funds for their top surgery:

White folks, you can boost and favorite but don't reply to this post 

This post exists purely to see how many white people can't resist the urge to cross a boundary drawn by someone who isn't white.

Thanks to @rabbithearth for the idea.

For the post I am referring to, see here:

playvicious instance meta 

also.. I just saw that Milly of elekk had repeated accusations again that people who organized PV had "stalked" her and "destroyed her social circle" it was not the first time she spread these lies, and I'm wary of people who throw around personal accusations of the dirtiest shit the moment they get called out on their stuff on the fedi. I like to stay away from people using such strategies. it's a slap in the face of people who are real victims of stalking and bullying.

I haven't yet checked if flowless is still doing the "I'm going to destroy the nazis of this and that instance" from one of the 100s of flowless alts that exist, but it's boring.

you just have to look at the behaviour of ppl if you have any doubts about who the bad actors are. it was the same when weirder earth defederated from elekk, monads and myass. their behaviour in the aftermath demonstrated that it was the right thing to do.
just look at it. that's not rage of oppressed people, thats just power play.

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mh, dysphoria -- 

Was stressed due to phone anxiety, and then got hit with gender dysphoria from something unrelated @.@

Caption: I don't always use Internet Explorer

Image: partially loaded beard guy meme

"Hopes and Dreams" from Undertale makes for good exercise music

hey do people remember at the beginning of pandemic when everyone was very activley working to find new and innovative ways to be social and have fun with friends over the internet instead of in person?

yeah can we bring a bit of that back? it would be good for the spoonies in the crowd.

sleep, mh + 

Yesterday evening, I learned that Vitamin B6 can apparently help with sleep and depression, because it improves serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain.

So, I took some just as I was going to bed, and it worked! I slept an hour longer than normal, was more rested than usual, and was in a much better mood!

Trying on a shawl for the first time and it is giving me very good gender feels!

Fediblock, transphobia 


the front page ("41% more misgendering") is literally a joke about the trans suicide rate

skyrim trashpost 

Solitude, the city where bad nasal hygiene carries the death penalty!

pol, message to western twitter leftists 

attention western twitter leftists:

You have my express permission to leave behind the hammer and scicle unicode character in your display name. You don't have to prove you aren't a capitalist here using that symbol, and we do federate with people from post-soviet countries currently being violently reintegrated into the Russian Federation's sphere of influence like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus where our leftist comrades currently are and have always been held down by the forces propagating from the secret police force that took over the red imperialist soviet union who probably don't appreciate it so much. We have lots of cool custom emojis that show you aren't a tankie!

(emoji spam here)
:anarchiststar: :acab: :anarchoheart1: :anfem_star: :anqueer_star: :anarchopunk: :anartrans_symbol: :antifa_ancom: :antifa2: :antifa: :black_and_rainbow: :blackcross: :blobblocraccoon: :blobcatZapatista: :blobfoxpirate: :blobraccoon_flamethrower: :Burning_AnCap_flag: :burning_tbl: :Burning_Gadsden_flag: :ecoanarchism: :ecoanarchism_star: :ezln: :garfield: :molotov: :ninaZapatista: :praxis_100: :tankies: :tranarchy_black:

hope this helps ❤️

Less than 20% of autistic adults are in full-time employment. Many of us drop out of the workforce after just a few years. Why is that?

Let's talk about Autistic Burnout!

#ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergence #MastoArt #Comic #Comics

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