There's an upgrade problem so I need to take us down for the time being, sorry! update 

OK, all the processing stuff is done and I'm around to handle any problems with restarting, so 10 minutes from this post I'll be restarting the server!

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Looks like the update is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I'll come back with an announcement when it's done.

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We're updating our db and code right now, expect a brief outage when we restart in 30 minutes!

If a problem happens and the server has to restart we may go down sooner but this shouldn't be anything other than a blip if this goes right.

This is done! We should've had very little downtime.

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Hi y'all! We'll be restarting at 5:45pm PDT - 15 minutes from when this is posted.

We're upgrading to the latest changes, which includes a stable 2.1 Mastodon release! Hooray!

ok sorry for all the downtime we're back and good to go now though make sure you refresh!

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welcome to an awoo flavored branch of!

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Hi folks! I'm currently working on deploying the branch with the changes on top of it.

We should stay online while this is happening up until the restart, and we should be only down for a very brief few moments.

I'm planning on doing the restart at 6:00 and will post if that's gonna be delayed.

See you on the other side! downtime explanation, plans 

We're still planning to migrate onto a more long-term solution than this, but for now it's a fantastic stopgap. Awoo should run more a bit more efficiently as well since we're running all media data reads and writes on a dedicated disk!

HMU if you have any q's.

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Hi folks! Apologies for the downtime, we ran out of disk space!

Apparently I didn't set things right to run media off the 2nd disk we have, oops! Good news though, we are now and we're back to 60% disk space usage by media alone. I was also able to preserve all media currently, so no media has been lost like it usually is! meta, explanation of plans 

There have been a lot of problems with new folks coming in and expecting this space to akin to Twitter.

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of space for that- we are a smaller, quieter community, and while we welcome new folks as we can, it is on our terms and rules, which many new folks coming in lately have not agreed with. Hopefully our plans will help people find the right place for them easier in the fediverse!

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3. Registration is closed indefinitely- we are looking to incorporate form signups instead of just anyone's registration so we can validate who new folks are and make sure people understand what the space is about. Contact me at @vahnj if you're on awoo and you have friends you want to invite!
4. Finally, we're rebuilding our /about and /about/more pages to make it easier to think about what we do here. /terms will be very similar to how it is now.

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Hi folks! We've gotten a lot of requests for new federation, so I wanted to let you know what the backburner looks like as far as how this unfolds.

1. Crom is focusing on getting on the fork! This should be done and we will upgrade after this weekend.
2. New federation requests are being investigated by Crow. Once they get back to me I'll be reaching out with acceptance/denial messages next week, or maybe this weekend. restart announcement 

Hi folks - will be going down briefly while we get our SMTP ports enabled. It'll be back up very quickly.

I'll be doing it when this post is 5 minutes old!

-Crom upgrade completion announcement 

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new server!

We effectively have twice as many resources on this box so hopefully everything's much snappier.


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Hi friends!

We're going to be going down in ~30 minutes to upgrade our servers.

Downtime may be hours-long, so I recommend getting set up elsewhere temporarily if you need that sweet, sweet Mastodon feed.

Lemme know over at @vahnj if you need any questions answered!


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