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@dewclaws your frog girlfriend is

1) fashionable
2) comfie
3) gently confused

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i still stand that "queer gremlin pride" should exist as a counterpart to queer villain pride

my friend commissioned a junebug and wow wowowowowowowowoowow i'm so gay

i wanna like it but everything about it feels wrong and irksome to me

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ghhh, i really ifnd myself just getting frustrated more than anything when playing mixolumia

hey everyone, i have a buddy who's going through a really tough time right now. not long after starting his recovery from his top surgery, he had to go through treatment for a kidney stone.

basically a lot of things have been happening to him one after the other without time to recoup and he could really use help getting back on his feet.

if you can't donate to harvey's fund, boosts are very much appreciated!

When it's nearly dinnertime, she is like a stuck notification, you know where you swipe it away and it bounces back.

id honestly put it above torchlight 2 as my favourite diablo-like

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anyway if you were holding out on minecraft dungeons please dont because its unironically great

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also the minecraft theming gives the whole thing a lot more of a relaxed feel to it honestly

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normalize just doing silly shit tbh

don't shut people down for "being childish". being an adult fucking sucks let people be a bit silly ok the world is not ending over this

- visually more interesting
- inherently more engaging because i dont have to sit for hours listening to cain pull lore out of his ass
- vastly more varied gameplay due to weapons and items not being restricted to classes and is more just about finding the most fun build for you

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its just more interesting on so many different levels lmao

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minecraft dungeons is a better diablo game than diablo 3

hey cheeky British lad from the mid 2000s what's your favourite sandwich filling

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