love too have to restart a mission and then immediately restart it because i got bad rng and a cop car was right outside the restricted area i HAVE to go into to do the mission

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love too be forced into stealth segments in a game not completely designed around stealth where im constantly arguing with an auto targeting system that i can't control

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i really like watch dogs 2 but it keeps throwing things at me that make me actively dislike it

thankfully i have a reason to stick around here no matter what which is the allowlist

i dont want to be on an instance that doesnt have such a set up

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ive been waiting for this moment to happen lmao

every single time. every damn instance. after a few months of being on it, and being settled in, an irritating pain in the ass problem comes up and starts ruining things for me

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nothing like dealing with a unique mastodon error that cant be properly figured out because the debug information is minified and consequently useless and because im literally the only person who is dealing with this problem

certain random profiles for me will crash tootdeck and bring up a "we're sorry" error. this happens on my main chrome install and my completely clean firefox install. switching from glitch flavour to vanilla fixes it for both browsers. why?

*looks closer at monitor* oh its called -phas-mophobia!

literally spent the last month reading and calling it "plasmophobia"

how does anyone deal with this much information being shot at them at once

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ghh, still cant view peoples profiles on mastodon web app without it crashing =x=

ok back to some actual projects

a lot of these were drawn on the chickensmoothie oekaki and while everyone else was having a good and reasonable time, i had to come in with what i can only describe as

Weird Shit.

and so while other people were making fun and fluffy new original species for adopts, i was making.......... these! please say hello to: the deathspeakers!

all of these come with a little blurb that's like, faux entry in an in-universe book i was nattering on about. #oopsiarted

From “The Travels of Aurelian”:

The Common Deathspeaker may seem initially to be a brute of a beast. Often wearing skulls, these intelligent creatures often make long, wailing calls in the night, though they can communicate in common tongue, by what means, we are not sure. Current scholars believe it is actually through mind-speech, using aetherical and magical means to directly transmit their thoughts to others, and we merely perceive it as speech - but this is hotly debated.

With a typical diet of mushrooms, lichen, and small animals, prey are scooped up by the Deathspeaker’s long tongue - by some estimates, over six feet fully stretched - and devoured whole. Their mouths are circular, lined with several layers of needle-sharp teeth. Though this is their most striking feature, Deathspeakers are typically modest. In the above figure, we see a Deathspeaker interrupted from putting on his skull head-dress, using his prehensile tongue, which is the usual way a Deathspeaker manipulates objects in the world around them. However, in more civilized societies, Deathspeakers often become quite dexterous with their telekinetic magic and their forepaws as well.

Local lore is rich with tales of Deathspeakers. Although some have true psychic powers and powers of foresight, the majority do not. But many are clever charlatans who can perform a false séance with ease, giving rise to the name of the breed. Elf populations in the forest consider all of these prophecies to be completely true and certain and often consult with the Deathspeakers after the death of a loved one. It is also a popularly held superstition that seeing a Deathspeaker without their veil or helm brings bad luck that usually manifests as death in the family.


masks are incredibly important to deathspeakers. although their community is usually insular, and most masks are usually skulls of canids and the like, occasionally deathspeakers are employed in human and humanoid society. often deathspeakers who go this route try desperately to distance themselves from the rest of their kin, as deathspeakers have a reputation of being swindlers and con-artists. as such they adopt masks that are humanlike, often with attached wigs, as to make potential customers more at home.

‘corpface’ is the term for this - a corporate face, or business identity, instead of having the mask actually reflect an individual. although some deathspeakers use this term proudly, it is mostly used as a sly insult. to be a 'corpface’ is to be fickle and disloyal, and to be a betrayal to one’s own people for the sake of kissing up to humans.


the upright deathspeaker is called ‘upright’ for two reasons.

firstly, instead of its cousins, the upright deathspeaker walks bipedally instead of the common deathspeaker which is a quadruped which can walk on two feet with practice. secondly, upright deathspeakers are far more accepted in humanoid and human culture. instead of using their magical skills to pull confidence tricks or cheats, or to run dubious fortune telling tents or sell snake oil, the upright deathspeaker is more willing to dedicate themselves to humble means. farmers and merchants and factory-workers/craftsmen are quite common. this is partially due to comparatively low magical power compared to the common deathspeaker.

upright deathspeakers also hold masks in high regard and use them near-constantly, especially in mixed company. however instead of individual expression, masks are often passed down through family lines, with individuals being lauded as adult members of the community when they inherit a mask. there is no concept of ‘corpface’, although some people may keep private masks, having essentially one face for interacting with the community and another for interacting with family. interestingly, public/family masks tend to be rather plain; an individual’s mask is more decorated and seen as an avenue for individual expression, whereas wearing the family mask is more about taking on that role as head (or other position) within that family.

although rare, upright deathspeaker families often live near or with human communities, and are generally thought of positively. it is fairly common for upright deathspeaker widows or widowers to pair off with human widows or widowers, and it is also common for deathspeaker families of means to adopt human orphans.

werewolf gently sniffing and growling ASMR

also whilst we're updating genre terminology can i make a push to promote Motorik to its own genre

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hell even using the german word specifically sounds good, Kosmische Music

and hell, with how english is basically largely made up of shit stolen from ohter languages anyway we may as well use that

probably the least we can do for coming up with the shitty popular name for it anyway :T

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would you rather call this really cool and technically impressive subgenre of rock music by a term that references racist ww2 slang or by the term "cosmic music"

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society has progressed past the need for the term "krautrock" imho

lets not have casual racism in our music genres

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you ever think about krautrock as a genre is named after a ww2 derogatory term for a german person and was done so as a quote un quote "humorous umbrella term" by british press

meanwhile the german people making the music itself are going around calling it fucking COSMIC MUSIC which is an infinitely better name

Jun's Kitchen is simply the best YouTube channel for cooking content

YouTube channels often have an energetic fast-paced vibe, especially cooking channels, and it's so good to have an escape from that sometimes

Jun's Kitchen is perfect chill vibes, go watch! He just calmly instructs you on how to prepare a certain dish while his cats lay around and watch, occasionally sniffing

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