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"hey avie, why'd you move accounts again?" 

two core reasons

1) cybre space has been acting weird for me for the past two months, with the most persistent bug being the timeline being super slow to update and being out of order a lot

2) ive been getting pangs of anxiety from seeing masto admin alerts and worrying over how fast acting my admins are being over those and if theyre staying on top of them etc

moving to any other instance solves 1. awoo solves 2 especially well with its whitelist based system

if anyone else has neutron music player for android and figured out how to stop the scrolling from being utter ass and launching itself forward at light speed from the most gentle swipes please lmk


Goblin Art has arrived!!!

Shout-outs to the wonderful @firstprogenitor, he was fantastic to work with and I'm super pleased with the result! Go commission him!

I know the scottish contingency on the fediverse is a bit sparse, but here's a list of scottish anti-racist organisations you can and should donate to, courtesy of Living Rent's twitter:

Saheliya -

Positive Action in Housing -

Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights-

Ethnic Minority National Resistance Network-

girls only care about one thing*, and it's fucking disgusting


ebay US? sure fine, view em all you want. ebay UK? huh sorry what? china?? idk that doesnt sound like a real place

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its still absolutely fucking ridiculous and bullshit that ebay uk completely blocks items being sold from china from showing up in search results and shit

wall update I have painted an uwu onto the wall but seeing as its the same colour as the wall underneath it I don't think it'll be visible

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joking aside this symbol genuinely is here and idk what its deal is lol

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joking misinfo 

hello mastodon today we're painting my soon to be new flat

we accidentally caused all the previous layers to peel off by using a roller (whoops) but the upside is it revealed this weird symbol that's imprinted on the walls and so I think I've unveiled some kind of curse? I'm down with it tbh

ph ~ 

I fucking hate how utterly useless cetirizine and loratadine are for my hay fever

I take two of either of them and they either do nothing or wear off after an hour and it sucks so much

NTS has suspended broadcasting both its stations today. Instead it's broadcasting the names of PoC murdered by police on loop.

I'm.much more about the weird cousin/relative energy me

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this avatar and my squirrel sona in general exudes some big sister energies which is a problem because I'm extremely not a big sister type

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