played 5d chess despite being bad at chess and its a lot of fun

fun fact: you can win by sending a bishop diagonally through time

yeah, thats right,

ive won two games by way of having a piece in such a position where i could throw it back through time and eat my opponents king and neither time did i realize it until the game actively stopped and told me lmfao

you ever retroactively get checkmate

thats not the right wording

you know what i mean though right

the. getting checkmate in the past because your piece was perfectly lined up to be sent back in the past for capturing the king

also sorry for not image descriptioning that uhh

its a screenshot of a game called "5d chess with multiverse time travel"? and its in the end state where i, playing white pieces, have won. specifically, i have won by one of my bishop pieces being placed in a certain place that allows it to be sent back in time to an earlier board state which would mean it would immediately capture my opponents king piece

if you're confused by that? join the club

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