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potentially controversial furry fandom discourse 

I entered the furry fandom when I was 15, via a kink-related (but not explicit) forum. I made friends, gained skills, gained respect and maturity, helped organise communities and founded communities of my own all before I was 18. It helped me find support in an incredibly turbulent and lonely time of my life. It let me develop a curiosity into a passion into a job.

Had that initial forum just shut the door I probably wouldn’t be here today. It seems thoughtless to strip away that potential when it’s not necessary to do so.

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potentially controversial furry fandom discourse 

It kinda annoys me when (not explicitly NSFW) furry spaces decide they’re going to be 18+ only.

If the reason is because you regularly deal in explicit imagery or roleplay then you should probably be segmenting that to a separate area anyway. Not everyone over 18 wants to have other people’s horny blasted at them all the time.

If your concern is minors being groomed, then that’s a problem with the people in your community (and you should probably be ejecting those people regardless of whether you host minors or not.)

I’m the kinda person who would totally get an old iPod to have a dedicated music listening device (and also nostalgia) but then I remember that like 95% of things I listen to are streamed now.

Jerma’s obscenely high effort streams give me life.

This is the 69th toot I've made since moving usernames. Nice.

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An intro toot because I never made one before.

👋️ Hello, I'm Kim.

🏳️‍⚧️⚧️ I'm a trans woman who uses she/her pronouns.

🇬🇧🇲🇾 I'm mixed white/Asian and live in the UK.

🕸️👩‍💻 I'm a professional website developer specialising in accessibility.

🤖🦇 I'm a furry. My fursona is a robotic Honduran white bat. Her name is Emy. She beeps.

🚀🗳️ Likely topics: Star Trek, politics, cartoons, web stuff, tech.

Kim! booped

Come on and jam!
Come and eat some jam!
We have lots of jam!
Mmmmmm tasty jam!

The existence of recreational drugs implies the existence of professional drugs.

Kim! booped

Not immunizing the globe at once caused variants. Vaccine waivers would've allowed rollout of vaccines across the world but - US / Western capitalist plutocrats blocked to protect IP / profits of pharma corporations.

The Covid pandemic will never be over, because too many Americans / Westerners are infantile & ascientific. Thousands more will die, hospitals will be overrun, the economy will lockdown/explode again. You will wear masks the rest of your life. Get your damn shot. Grow up.

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"Kim, your incessant bat facts are driving me batshit insane!"

"Well, bat shit is *insanely* high in nitrates and makes an excellent fertiliser!"

"I'm leaving now."

Living in Banksy’s hometown means seeing his stuff everywhere but I really think he phoned it in on this one.

Semver obviously best but for automated processes using the date and a deduplication thing is just so much easier.

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I took a random punt on it being the 30th week of 2021 when thinking about something dumb (release versioning strategies) and it turns out it is, indeed, the 30th week of 2021.

Little victories.

Can you smell what the @batbeeps is cooking!?

It's curry. I made curry.

I never really got along with the game itself, but the soundtrack for Planet Coaster (You, Me & Gravity) remains a hella bop.

Why always shitpost? Why never pisspost?

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