Fun fact: 95% of west coast furries will have some sort of conditioned response to a very specific jingling noise. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

I'm working on the porch again this morning & there once again is a bunny loping around the neighborhood

Stream over! Thanks to @KorpsPropaganda for joining me and to everyone who showed up! These sketches are for @phenokage , @websterleone , and @kotep (1/2, #nsfw)...

#TootFic #MicroFic

In her chest pocket, she kept crochet hooks & a card wrapped with a rainbow of yarns, her badge of office.

In the cart pulled behind her bike, she had bins of yarn & at least 3 projects on the needles, along with other things needed for survival.

She'd bike into a new place & walk right up to people wearing sweaters with runs and frays, whether they were armed, casting spells, glaring, or smiling:

"Hold still, I've got to fix this."

Sometimes she darned the holes so~


@kd buying a Chinese phone for the first four reasons, waiting a week for permission to root it and install a trusted OS for the last reason.

Boring: buying a phone based on how powerful its SoC is.
Normal: buying a phone for its screen size/resolution.
Cool: buying a phone for its camera configuration.
Powerful: buying a phone because you want a certain colour.
Transcendent: buying a phone based on geopolitical factors.

The student bowed.
"Master, I am sorry."
"Why were you absent yesterday?" the sword master asked.
"I don't know. I... simply could not get out of bed."
"If this happens again..."
"Allow yourself to stay in bed."
"A blunt sword can be honed. A broken one can not."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

"Sir, we've located the lost submarine!"

"Has a retrieval team been dispatched?"

"Uh, no..."


"It's full of mermaids, sir."

"Mermaids don't exist."

"We told them that, and they... made sad faces at us, sir."

"Well, that submarine is not their property. Retrieve it."


"But what?"

"They can't move their nursery for another two months."

"Oh. The retrieval team can take their sweet time getting there, then."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #Mermay

incidentally, in case you missed them, here are Ask Sybil pages 1 and 2! And the promo image, because i still like it. #nsfw

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I hug the robot. You whisper to me through it. I run my hands through its hair while I smile at your words.
Then I let go.
It nods and leaves.
In a few hours, it will arrive at your house, disinfect itself, and call me. And I will whisper to you while it caresses you like I would.
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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theological opinions 

furrys are god testing us. and if we pass god's test, He will make furrys real

@devurandom As usual when it comes to problems with written English, the fault lies with the French.


"A common occurrence of this illusion is known as the stopped-clock illusion, where the second hand of an analog clock appears to stay still for longer than normal when looking at it for the first time."

I've heard of that phenomenon before, but I didn't know there's even a term for it.

the dream is to have such a distinctive style that when you get "too old for this" you can hire someone else to play you

a daddy longlegs got in last night but i couldnt catch him and he went into hiding, and was only rooted out just now when a bee came in and tried to fight him. i dont tolerate that kind of conduct so theyve been escorted off the premises and both barred

2020's been so utterly ridiculous that I literally went to Britney Spears's Instagram to verify that a "screencap" of her posting a propaganda poster of Mao was Photoshopped. We aren't even a third of the way through the year, everything's fucking wild, and I feel like things are only going to escalate from here, fuck.

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