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uspol, 2020, media 

what's up with media coverage of the primaries omitting either bernie sanders or elizabeth warren?


Gee, do you notice anyone missing from CNN’s “definitive” 2020 power rankings? Perhaps a candidate who beat Biden in both early states, is still ranked third overall and is polling in the top 3 for the next contest?


fun fact: in french, shy guy, the super mario enemy, is localised to maskass

mask ass, yall

It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

Shark furries are just dragons but slippery

Hm, furry coffee shop AU? Well,

I'd definitely be one of the baristas, probably running bar *and* till when it isn't too busy - somehow fitting between the cash register and the coffee brewers behind me while trying hard to keep my tail from wagging or anything, using ~ghost hands~ to make people's drinks, and towering over nearly all of the customers.

When I call out people's drinks, the walls shake, and I can definitely be heard from outside - I'm not shouting! Just making sure I'm heard!


I know I asked for help already pretty recently but my needs have increased in magnitude

Any quantity helps, even if it’s not a lot, so if you can spare it and want to help feel free to send some money on my paypal and/or boost this post

If you can’t do PayPal, here’s Ko-Fi:

Thanks in advance 🙏

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Hello everyone,

I’m in an awful situation, basically the administration didn’t know where to send me my tax bill so they just didn’t send it, so I just didn’t pay them because I was _NEVER NOTIFIED_

Now they’ve sent an angry letter to my parents saying I need to pay them + late fees, about 800€

It’s gonna be real rough and I’ll have trouble paying this, the bills and the food for the next month

I really need help with this or I’ll be in trouble

Easily the cutest thing I've ever seen, ec, nudity 

This art is so precious and adorable and I love it so much.

So basically we have exactly two weeks to get a lawyer and it's gonna cost us $4000 up front, so anything anyone can spare and/or any boosts will help
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

My Art, finished, boots would be neato 👌 

Oh hey I finished the thing a couple days early.

This was inspired by this post : and Ava's (@zac ) undying love of Wooloo, may they both be protected for they are precious and soff.

(i had to resize it a lot since the original version is about ~26mb 👀) 👌

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re: dronekink blahblah, i'm just straight up posting pornography now 

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon also i drew him wearing Quorra's dress and a collar + leash a while back and that was real good

PATREON KINKTOBER: Q IS FOR QUINTET. why just have threesomes when you can have foursomes? and once you've had foursomes, well, why not some moresomes?

subscribe today: #nsfw

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Modemoiselle art much less wip, still hypnokinky/musk kink 

much better!!

PATREON KINKTOBER: S IS FOR SUBMISSION. nothin' like kicking back and relaxing after a long day

subscribe today: #nsfw

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