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Don't complain about the problem if you won't contribute to the solution.

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If you can’t make a convincing android, make a cool robot.

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I'll take "Threats From a Drunken Wizard Who's Having a Bad Day" for $200.

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How would you like to be permanently fused to a hyena?

America's solution to every problem ever is sending heavily armed thugs to destroy the problem and/or the person who pointed the problem out.

Do you intentionally form codependent relationships with toxic people because you want it to be someone else's fault that your life is going nowhere?

idk maybe only one of those things will happen, or just nobody will give a fuck

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I can't wait to finish my blatantly communist comedy album and have leftists accuse me of selling out and the right sending me death threats.

If you hide your message in layers of code, but make that code trivially easy to crack, then you can get a lot of people to not only understand it, but believe that they came up with it themselves because of the mental labor that they put into solving the puzzle.

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Thinking about how the most effective propaganda is the kind that plays on people's need to imbue things with meaning through problem-solving.

Every time you have a visceral reaction to something, remember that someone wanted you to have that reaction.



Still groaning over the logical leap people have made from "capitalism aims to limit self-expression to harmless forms can be easily commodified" to "all individual self-expression is inherently bourgeois".

weird thought: some scientists say that time doesn't exist, but what if time is the only thing that does exist?

imagine scritching between the necks of a fluffy cerb husky

The reason you almost never hear a straightforward explanation for what's going on in politics or economics is because the straightforward explanation is communist.

When I become supreme dictator, I will mandate that all electronics have clear acrylic cases, because hiding circuitry is fascist.


A giant *horny* tiger.

Where do you think the "milk" in the Milky Way comes from?

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The photo they supposedly took of the black hole at the center of our galaxy is very fuzzy and orange; I'm just saying you can't prove it's not actually a giant tiger.

I can be "active on the internet" and "asleep" at the same time fuck you very much

not in an angry way, mind you, but more in a "random spontaneous urge to make a noise" way

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fun fact: I occasionally use "sputnik" as an expletive

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