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If you can’t make a convincing android, make a cool robot.

I shed my skin regularly like a snake, only instead of skin it’s abandoned art projects.

You live in a pretty decent neighborhood if you have to specify which Goodwill is the shitty one.

Silly question: Do I still need to learn how analog circuits work if I’m doing my music production purely digitally?

You have bizarre dreams when you fall asleep to synth tutorial videos.

*two-headed fox tilts their heads back, fireworks shoot out of their muzzles and spell out “I’M GAY”*

*goes to bed* wide awake, can’t sleep
*gets out of bed* sleepy, can’t focus
*goes to bed* wide awake, can’t sleep
*gets out of bed* sleepy, can’t focus
*goes to bed* wide awake, can’t sleep
*gets out of bed* sleepy, can’t focus

vore shitpost 

Aerodynamically speaking, a lavafox isn’t supposed to be able to fly. Which is why I had to eat all the aerodynamicists in order to shut them up.

A transformer exploded, turning everyone in the neighborhood into their fursonas.

throwing small objects down a dark stairway into the abyss asmr

love when I can just generate content with no context or explanation and nobody gives a fuck not even me

It’s important that we acknowledge the people who made us what we are today, and see that they are punished accordingly.

I think maybe we white people don’t realize how much we sound like cops when we try to talk to people we don’t know.

Liberation from the corporate-owned state begins with the understanding that the people are the only legitimate keepers of peace and justice.

One thing I love about it is it’s so light on resources you can stack like 16 instances and make a kludge additive synth.

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Some time I need to make some short videos showing all the weird stuff I’ve done with Synth1.

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