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Don't complain about the problem if you won't contribute to the solution.

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If you can’t make a convincing android, make a cool robot.

You know what they say, sometimes you're the sprinkler, sometimes you're the dog that dragged it into the house.

The Asterion Collection. It's just the minotaur's YouTube history.

We need Christmas in June so that we can get summer clothes as presents and not have to wait six months to wear them.

re: multi, lewd, gendery weirdness 

Apparently this is called bigender.

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Antler season is a great time to find out you don't own any button-up shirts.

multi, lewd, gendery weirdness 

Conrad/Vanessa. One mind, two genders, zero clue how that works, and minus infinity fucks given.

I *just now* found out that my tablet pen has a compartment for spare nibs.

A festive holiday reindeer icon for Bobskunk.

Wonder where he got those scarves?

The joy of creating lore for an OC and then find out you already wrote stuff years ago that contradicts it.

Radiohead's lesser known albums "That's Enough Computer" and "Jesus Christ Computer What Did I Just Say"

There's an infinitesimal chance that a couple of seconds before the heat death of the universe, Maintenance will come to fix the toilet.

Me, drawing some absolute garbage: Ooh yeah babey I'm in da ZONE!

multi, merging, lewd 

A couple years ago I drew these pics of Amber and Barry merging, but I don't think I ever posted them.

Pan, leaping from the bushes, wearing triangle shades and playing a keytar.

oc development, genderfuck 

I was just thinking maybe the deal with Conrad/Vanessa is they randomly switch between male and female, and they don't know what's triggering the TF.

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