Is there some software out there that will display a reference photo at thumbnail size in a stay-on-top window? I think I heard some artist mention using something like that whenever they do commissions, but I forget what it's called.

A couple people have suggested pureref and that's probably the app I was thinking of.

@kobi_lacroix not sure if I understood your use-case right, but a resizable frameless/windowless view is a feature you could find in e.g. #Nomacs image viewer

It's #floss and available for win+gnu/linux. In addition, you might wanna check out #qview and #qimgview


I just stick ref somewhere off the edge of my artboard. Maybe open a second window on the Illustrator document if I really find myself needing the ref a lot.

@anthracite This is all very interesting but also who is that multi-armed wolf(?)?

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