fucking hell, is it illegal to make a kick drum tutorial that doesn't amount to "just download some samples lol"?

I have noticed that a lot of synthwave artists like using LinnDrum and TR-707 samples. I tried reverse-engineering a 707 snare with mixed results, but maybe the kick will be easier.

@kobi_lacroix 1. Take a low sine or triangle wave, or square if you're getting funky
2. Put a slight downward pitch sweep on it
3. Put a lowpass filter on it, sweep optional (often leads to good sounds), resonance optional (often leads to funky sounds)
4. Put a decay envelope on it obviously. If you want a snappy drum, make that envelope way snappier than you'd assume it would need to be.
5. Okay, you've got the base of the sound. Now...
6. Make an extremely short, somewhat soft "click" and add it to the start of the sound. This will give it a sort of physical "anchor", idk why it works so well but it does
7. If you want a more acoustic-sounding kick, add some quiet filtered noise, probably on a shorter decay envelope than the kick's wave section but play around with it

This is all I know about synthesizing kicks

@argr Okay yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing. I'm really just struggling with getting the kick to cut through the mix, because it sounds fine on its own, but it always ends up getting buried when I bring in the other instruments.

@kobi_lacroix You could try spatializing it, splitting it into L and R very slightly out of phase with itself, so it stands out from the mix more. Or you could place an extremely-quick or extremely-mild sidechain on just the first couple milliseconds of the kick's strike. My mixing knowledge isn't too deep, but I have heard of people using those techniques to great effect

@kobi_lacroix Er, rather, extremely quick sidechain on the very start of the kick's strike, or an extremely mild sidechain on the duration of the strike, or both, rather.

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