lewd-adjacent comic idea 

I'm not sure if I should go through with this, but I'm imagining one of my female characters, in a dress, with the caption, "she may look innocent, but there's something under there that may shock and disgust you", then she lifts up her dress and shows she's wearing Christmas boxer shorts.

actually lewd comic idea 

Of course there would also have to be an alt version with humongous cock.

And an alt-alt version with several humongous cocks.

actually lewd comic idea 

@kobi_lacroix hm, what about a coy "what are you wearing under that dress?" and something like "it's a secret" or "I'll never tell"

then an "earlier that day" standing in front of a mirror, dressing

gaudy xmas underwear version, big strap-on version, gaudy xmas knitted cocksock for giant dick version, another face but wearing a medical face mask and winking at the camera PSA-like, just spitballing

lewd-adjacent comic idea 

@kobi_lacroix seems transphobic-adjacent, especially for the actually-lewd one

re: lewd-adjacent comic idea 

@Mycroft Yeah, I may just have to shelve that one.

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