weird lewd furry art, recent death 

(Sorry, the CW is probably a huge mood killer.)

Not my art (obviously). This is a piece that AraKaraath did for me back in 2005 as a gift. I don’t think I’ve ever posted it before.

Rest In Peace, old friend.

lewd, dragons 

I heard today was Dragon Appreciation Day, so here’s my guy Orion for you all to appreciate.

re: pol snark, caricature 

This is the guy running against him, I decided.

His whole platform is “I mean, have you SEEN my opponent?! How is this even a hard decision for you?”

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pol snark, caricature 

My hobby: Making campaign posters for fake shitty candidates.

Just because you’re a lavafox doesn’t mean you can’t have a winter coat.

Ray doesn’t have the best arm, but his footwork in the pocket is phenomenal.

getting a huge jump start on the new year

best to strike the bastard early

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