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Color! In case you haven't already figured it out, this is for Pythos. I owed him a trade pic, and I wanted an excuse to draw a cerb skunk for and .

In this case, though, he's a cheetah/skunk mix. You might call him a "chunk". Which he certainly is.

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This is Mara, Tigs’ girlfriend. She loves Champagne and Taco Bell, and nothing in between.

Speaking of music, here's a sort of percussive arp loop I made with Synth1.

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"Ahh, no better way to beat the heat than to roll around in a big puddle of me!"

Here's Marc, a little late for but looking good regardless.

Modulating a sine wave with a square wave 2 octaves down. Here's the MOscilloscope output: 1st is Vital, 2nds is Synth1.

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Commission for Flamme. I couldn't decide which line style I liked more, so here's both.

I found this drawing from 2003 of my first fursona, Rudolf the wolftaur.

Some synth sounds inspired by a cheesy low-budget horror movie I saw last night.

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Maddox all dressed up and ready to make some deals.

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