One day America will be buried in the pig shit it grew from.

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"If a potato is bound to become French fries, then does its essence as French fries precede its existence as French fries? Could one argue that the potato already is and always has been French fries?"

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food-adjacent shitpost 

Deep frying is when the fryer quotes Sartre at you and then questions your decision to fry food in the first place.

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I have a name for him now: Eskil.

According to Eskil: Modern Scandinavian form of Ásketill. Derived from Old Norse áss "god" and ketill "cauldron, helmet".

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I think I would have turned out better if my parents had just told us they couldn't afford nice things instead of making us think it was immoral to want nice things.

I mean, we all know that midwesterners are perfectly capable of being angry. They're just incapable of being angry artfully.

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I think there's an art to being angry that midwesterners for whatever reason are incapable of understanding.

If we really have a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people", then why should we even have to vote? Shouldn't the government just automatically know what we want?

scientists want us to believe that the universe is a mysterious and incomprehensible tangle of illusions and contradictions that we can never hope to make sense of, because the alternative is that it's communist

I believe that billionaires have been having secret horse weddings for years, and they secretly dread the day that the proletariat also get to marry horses.

you know what they say, a little permanently disfiguring bodily harm never hurt anyone

I just remembered a dream I had last night where someone found my musical keyboard in a barn and accused me of serenading their cow.

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