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drugs, snark 

The best thing about legal weed is assholes hanging around the weed store harassing you to buy weed for them.

I just remembered a dream I had yesterday that I saw a couple of gay anthro bears standing in a lake and kissing.

I just love when I sit down and draw after not having done it for a while, and everything comes out looking jumbled and awkward.

*does a half-assed rimshot, kicks over the snare, and slinks away*

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if there are palindromes then there must be ntscindromes this joke sucks

my werewolf headcanon is the most experienced werewolves can do a complete shift in a fraction of a second but sometimes draw it out for dramatic effect

music theory, YouTube link 

Here's Adam Neely demonstrating how pitch and rhythm are technically the same thing, in a way that will probably also piss you off:

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new terminology that while technically accurate will piss off music theorists:

pitch = ultrarhythm
rhythm = infrapitch

I think most of the time you put a helpful person in an elevated position they become less helpful and more concerned with being An Authority. And I don't think they always know they're doing it.

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In fact, the best teachers I've ever had weren't teachers at all. They were people just like me who were also struggling to navigate this crapsack world.

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The best teachers I've ever had were the ones who knew not to do that because they've had it done to them.

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The hardest part of learning for me has always been finding a teacher who won't either roll their eyes and insist that I can't possibly be that ignorant or chew me out for wasting their time with stupid questions.

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