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@kat I never enjoyed Monopoly as a kid because there would always be one kid who cheated and always got away with it.

It would be so funny if I got banned from twitter for telling AP they suck.

I sketched a really detailed pose for a commission and then realized it wasn't going to work at the angle I drew it at, so I scrapped it and started over. That's one of the things you just have to do as an artist sometimes. It sucks.

I'm having one of those moods where everything feels just slightly wrong and menacing.

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pol snark 

If Biden was in charge of the fire department and your house caught fire, he'd probably just tell you to Google "flame resistant suits".

It's only Silly Putty if it comes from the Silly region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling goo.

I think I might be gender fluid but it's more like gender molasses

I think after the Beatles released Revolver they should have just named all their subsequent albums after bigger and bigger guns.

Why do old pulp sci-fi stories have so many cat people in them?

polar bears imply the existence of rectangular bears

I tried to rotate a cow in my mind but it spun too fast and broke apart. This thing is so overkill but I love the aesthetic. This is the kind of pencil I would keep in a fancy case and whip out to let people know shit's about to get real.

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I found a mechanical pencil for sketching that looks so nice but it costs nearly $50.

I think part of the reason I like werewolves is because they combine two big interests of mine: animals and things that are convertible

I have a disproportionately large part of my brain that gets really excited about mechanical pencils.

nobody better fuck with me or I swear to god I will upload an infographic at you so fast you will die

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