love how the hashtag admin page has all these fancy graphs I couldn't give two shits about but doesn't actually link to the list of posts using the dang hashtag, which might be interesting for a decision about whether it should be allowed to trend lol

hey ‍s is there any reason why I shouldn't self-host Mastodon email? just the outgoing stuff Masto produces

hey is there anywhere to check why specifically /health is failing?

anyone know how to unsuspend an instance from tootctl/ the rails console?

does anyone on Masto know how to properly set up a custom language? I've discovered that timestamps break in the "awoo" language on this site but I'd like people to still have the option to have it say "favorited your toot" instead of "booped your snoot"

PSA: On version 2.8, the site description doesn't show up on the start page anymore, instead, the short description (seen in the sidebar on profiles) is used. If you haven't set that up, there's no prominent link to about/more on your start page anymore.

Feel free to check out the way I changed the awoospace start page (the two latest commits on, it's hacky tho

Has someone already made a custom start page based on the 2.8 one?

does anyone know what's going on here? the webpacker.yml looks okay (also compared to the old one). it's likely a glitchsoc problem, but I have no clue about any of this so uh

hey 's, I'm trying to keep the old Mastodon start page on awoospace, does anyone know which files I have to keep in addition to app/views/about/show.html.haml?

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