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re: wintergatan (youtube) take, Elon Musk 

the funny thing is Martin Wintergatan has contributed more to humanity than Musk ever will

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wintergatan (youtube) take, Elon Musk 

dude your channel is cool but can you maybe stop licking millionaire jerkwad's boots for five minutes

love to go outside and seeing that everyone has their masks :)

they're holding them and wearing them around their necks or having them dangle off one ear, it's great! really helpful

hey Unicode consortium we need an uppercase @

wait, macOS Server is still a thing? who uses that? on what hardware

hey if computers get faster all the time why is a big part of my day waiting for computers

infosec posting: masto CTF team (boosts +++) 

we have a team for this upcoming hack-a-sat CTF (starts this friday!)
the team name is BLAHAJ, dm / join the chat for the password (parent post to this one)

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or just Pokémon Snap on the Switch that'd be enough

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how have they not made Pokémon Snap but with the Nintendo Labo camera thing

I should stop thinking about how nice it'd be if Masto had a robust tagging system and actually do a mockup I can show people

why do all computer calculators suck compared to just using a python shell

even after reading this code I don't know where it puts its logs, great

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repeat after me: code is not documentation

reminder that Microsoft is still using a Windows Phone as their "phone" emoji

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