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re: college stuff 

@goblins if you're a freshman, that's how it usually is, especially during the first semester. Once those people fail and can't follow you into the more advanced classes, those noisy-and-useless chats disappear.

re: college stuff 

@goblins back when I was in college, groups on social media were either dead or muted from my side. Muted because they were uselessly noisy. Dead because people send only the photos of what was written to the board and really important reminders. As you get to the end of your course, the amount of muted chats decreases drastically.

@AshBunny indeed, but going technical is a common strategy to avoid some undesirable labels attached to your name.

@AshBunny No, I guess it'd make you just some clopper who's into macrophilia. (there might be people who disagree)

I miss those days where buying a new phone was an optional upgrade, not a biyearly update you shouldn't skip because phone's software will become outdated, its OS will become progressively insecure and apps might slowly stop working.

@kelseyhusky, indeed. But I guess it's just the haircut, as Matt Mercer's skin is whiter and his hair is darker than John Bender's.

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