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sleep (-) 

i took melatonin at 11:30, put in my earplugs, and laid down to sleep; ready to fix my sleep schedule and get up at 6

it is now 1:30am and i'm still totally awake

i am so frustrated

if i figure out how to set up termux to work with tic-80, there's no way i'm not gonna try to make a game on my phone

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woah! there's an android version of tic-80!!

that's the oss pico-8 thingy that lets you write games in fennel

reading negative reviews of hackers (1995) for fun

the script itself is in WSL, and from there it calls a powershell script to make the windows notification, then ssh's to my tablet's termux environment

this environment has a script in it to send an intent that get's picked up by tasker, which sends an autoremote notification to my phone, which sends the notification to my wrist

i actually call this from inside emacs for things i have scheduled in org-mode! that means i can get those notifications on my wrist!

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when i type notify "this is wild" "like, what the heck" on my computer it:

1) displays on my computer itself
2) displays on my watch
3) displays on my phone

convenient! but also largely held together with cross-system communication, ssh duct-tape, and an outdated android tablet

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just created another rube goldberg machine of technical convenience for myself

covid (+) 

getting my first poke tomorrow!


i've written in it almost every day for about a month and a half now, and it's interesting how it managed to turn into a thing that i don't find particularly difficult to just settle down and write in

acme is open 100% of the time with a few text files; it feels quaint, in a comfy and aesthetic way

recounting the things each day i thought were emotionally important is actually really interesting, and lets me meditate on ideas that let me become more in touch with myself and my goals

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putting a pi 400 with a tiny screen next to my bed has actually managed to get me into the habit of journalling

it has plan 9 on it and is still pretty esoteric to use, but the novelty of it all actually tickled the part of my brain that wanted to actually use plan 9 for something useful

so now i have a tiny plan 9 journal

in my quest to fall asleep, i have:

  • read an entire book


turns out, while not super high, "diaper" is on the wikipeda list of common passwords

i can't help but wonder if this is on the list because of abdls with bad infosec, or some other reason

this legit, is probably the main reason i haven't really drawn on my computer for the last year or so =w=

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i need to get a file cabinet

that way i can have a more proper place to ignore all the paper i have than my desk

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