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I'll have to unfollow you if you post mommy/daddy/little stuff because that shit makes my flesh crawl.

Bum update

I had a phone appointment with a doctor today.

Predictably, they called while I was on the shitter.

Maybe I should try Wildstar again. I went off it when they changed the interface and it became ugly and gaudy. Maybe they've had time to change it based on player feedback, and/or someone's made a mod for it.

I will say that Wildstar has the best base-building I've seen in any game. You can rotate things about any axis and scale them. You can also add objects to a group so you can move them en masse.

Why did that dude in Pinocchio go to all the trouble of building a magic theme park that turned boys into donkeys instead of just building a normal donkey farm

Two quick ways to become a furry:

1) Be friends with mostly furries and decide you want to make a self-insert character so you can draw yourself interacting with your friends' characters.

2) Make an ironic fursona. Once you do this, it will turn into a legit fursona fast.

if you're not planning your fursona by month two of mastodon u might as well quit the internet and live a wholesome existence because you are uncorruptable

Okay, I was slightly wrong - it was never called Mamchester, it was called Mamucium, meaning 'boob-shaped hill'.

Manchester was originally Mamchester, 'mam' being an old word for breast. So Manchester is really BOOB CITY.

If you shorten Mastodon to Masto you're really calling it 'Boob'.
'Mastodon' means 'nipple tooth' (the Victorians thought it was more remarkable that the animal had nipply-looking molars than that it was a huge hairy elephant-like animal with massive tusks).

#gameing #NoMansSky
'You have learned the Korvax word for eheu' What??
I know eheu (pronounced aho) is a Latin exclamation of surprise, but that's hardly in common usage.

Bum update

I guffed into a coffee cup then brought it to my nose to smell the cupped fart. Eurgh! Shouldn't have done that!

I think my dream job would be a mix of operating heavy machinery, routine lab maintenance and ad-hoc tasks (not doing Actual Science but the Actual Scientists say stuff to me like 'can you solder these components together'), data input + analysis and some biohazard cleaning (with appropriate safety gear).

Am I a sickhead? Part 374

I was cleaning my shoes, and told one of the shoes off for being dirty by saying 'What's up? You look like a penis, yeah?'

conception and birth

I was born when a tramp wanked onto a pile of flood-damaged Judas Priest albums that had been thrown outside a record shop. Lightning struck the cummy pile and it was brought to life. My mum is Judas Priest, my dad is cum.

jobbie jobbie plop plop

Half-asleep thought this morning that seemed a lot more revelatory at the time:

I'm... kinda... one of my mum's turds that came to life. She made me in her body and then extruded me through a rude orifice. Just like a poo.

@support Please replace the trashcan icon in notifications with a toilet (or add a toggle).

This is a joke suggestion but also I genuinely want this.

Bum update

I wiped my bum and got poo on my finger. fml

Hypothesis: Thomas the Tank Engine and pals are oboroguruma. It's a type of yokai that's a vehicle possessed by the soul of its dead driver.

The pilot episode of Thomas the Tank Engine was about the locomotives first gaining sentience. It's just half an hour of them screaming.

@support Can we have a toggle for the blue notification glow? It's not causing problems or anything, it's just a cosmetic preference for me.