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i feel so powerful

[img: screenshot of the 2048 game with a 4096 square lit up]

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tired: pronouns
wired: gronouns. grow your own nouns, grow nouns. gronouns.

hey PSA if you send me a follow request from an alt and want me to know who you are, but it's not immediately obvious (like, not the same username or display name or profile info), pls consider dropping me a DM to let me know who you are!

(though if you just want to make friends with an alternate version of yourself and don't want me to know, that's okay, too)

butt repetition 

cowboy bebutt

cowbutt bebop

cowbutt buttbutt

buttbutt buttbutt

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It's 🐱TIME👽! Please boost~ The #risograph run of my new print is up for sale in @Damage & my online shop!

We're working hard to pay for Sarah's computer, & all sales go directly to support two disabled artists & our art! To go with this exclusive masto-first reveal, the first seven friends to order will receive an exclusive free gift–a second, never-ever-for-sale companion A3 poster print!

#creativetoots #art #riso #mastoart #mastodraw #cat #cats #buyart #printmaking

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regular reminder that the boops boops is a real animal that exists

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WE ARE HERE. WE ARE VALID. some of us have been here all along. some of us only just now got here. some of us will stay here all our lives, some will drift away. some are Extremely Out, others are Extremely In, but WE ARE ALL VALID.

and if somebody wants to say their gender is "assault helicopter," then GRATS YOUR GENDER IS ASSAULT HELICOPTER I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. if they're willing to commit, I'm more than willing to let them have it.

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I've got a new blog post for everyone!!


"The idea of a perfect life on the Hawaiian Islands is utter rubbish. The minute other people project perfection onto paradise, then true paradise is lost. I look at it this way: you know you’ve found your home when you love it because of–not in spite of–its imperfections."

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

(okay this looks pretty visually clunky but maybe it requires some more exposure before it starts feeling not clunky)

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she's going to a place i🚻've hiked a bunch so i🚻' m gonna hook her up with some tips

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my🚻 pal is coming over to talk about maps with me🚻

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example: hey awoosters i♂️ had a great week, how are y'all doing?

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this is the internet, can we just make a convention of optional subscripting first person pronouns with a gender designation

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(it has the downsides of basically everything sf/f i've read, which is that i am in love with the worldbuilding and the implications it raises but not really that invested in the plot)

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(oh the book is the black tides of heaven from the tensorate series by jy yang; a great world imagined from a queer/nonbinary/asian perspective)

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read a fantasy novel recently where the language let's you gender first person pronouns so when you say "hi my name is hvee" the form of "my" you'd use would signal which set of pronouns apply to you and now i wish that was a thing

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