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If you're looking for our guidelines they have moved to here.

What is Awoo.space?

Awoo.space is a small social network where folks are expected to be respectful of boundaries and identities. We have a dedicated team of mediators available to help deescalate conflict and help educate folks on social missteps if they cause harm. We want it to be a place to help facilitate safe personal growth and healing.

While the Mastodon platform gives its users a great many tools that help to deal with abuse, the nature of federation can expose our users to admins and users on distant instances completely out of their control. To mitigate this possible problem, awoo.space limits what sites we federate with to selectively allow communication with other instances in order to more sustainably grow the network and limit exposure to potential harassment and abuse.

Our vision is to curate a space where folks can be more open with one another while still being able to control their public visibility without being forced to provide emotional labor when folks accidentally step across boundaries in order to help people do better.

If things sound too locked down here for you, there are plenty of other great instances you can find from our allowlist below or searching for an instance using instances.noct.zone or instances.social.

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Our Contributors

(Please note that our Patreon is currently inactive)

Thank you so much to all these folks for supporting us on Patreon and choosing to be publicly recognized for it! Your money goes towards making our staff members' time working here and towards art from awoo.space community members!

Federating with awoo.space

or: I'm an instance admin. How do I federate with awoo.space?

Short answer: use this form.

We think of awoo.space as a well-run house party, with other instances as the invitees. We need to trust the folks we let into our party, and we need to know they won't bring along anyone else who will make the party suck for everyone. This is especially a concern given how admins can't always account for the actions of all their users, much less users of other instances they federate with.

With that in mind, here's what we look for when deciding whether or not to federate with other instances:

  • Your instance has a CoC similar to Mastodon.social's, or you agree with Mastodon.social's CoC and follow its principles while administrating your instance
  • You understand that your users are subject to awoo.space's CoC while interacting with our users

Primarily we just ask that folks be respectful of us on awoo.space. Visibility is of huge concern definitely consider asking folks if you're not sure you have permission.

If all of this sounds reasonable to you, please sign up using this Google Form. It'll take a while since we have to manually vet every request and you know how it is, feel free to ping noiob to remind them.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss these terms or have any questions about federating with us.


The current administrator of this instance is:


The current mediators of this instance are:

Our moderators here take on a different role than other places – they do not have the power to directly silence or ban your account, and are instead are volunteers whom the administration trusts with a direct line of commmunication with the admin to help facilitate the respect of boundaries and keep discussion and education civil so that awoo.space is a safe place for folks. As such, we refer to our moderators as mediators.

We are interested in more mediators, but are not currently actively searching for new ones. If you are interested, please contact the administrator. We are trying to build a diverse team for this place and if you feel you fit into that and don't mind volunteering then please let us know!

Other Staff


The short version: Be specific with content warnings, always use content warnings on the local timeline, always mark sensitive content in images, respect boundaries and identities, speak to the staff if you have a problem that you can't resolve with another person in a civil manner. Remote users are also expected to follow these but are given the same guarantees of behavior from our users.

Click here to see the full text of our guidelines.