tbh i dont kill bugs. I don’t like killing bugs. Bugs are friends.

not sure if i should limit how fast i post but either way i'm going to bed, will continue combing my backup harddrive for animal photography tomorrow

cw bugs
another guy, probably the same species

cw bugs
interesting green dragonfly i saw on a hike

cw snakes 

one angry boi
Had to take this pic with the zoom lens, almost got too close by accident. They were chilling right off the side of the road

cw bugs
a mantis I saw on my front stoop a while ago. I think I spooked him a bit, but I went back inside for a few minutes and by the time I had come back the little guy had gone on his way.

I'm hoping this will motivate me to actually start taking photos of animals again, because i feel like i've been taking photos my whole life and lost my spark a little while ago.

I've had way too many photos that i've taken over the years just locked up in flashdrives and SD cards, so I figure this is as good a place as any to share my nature and animal photography.

this is gonna be my new photo space. Will open a new account eventually for text posts.

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