@leah I feel like this every time someone uses .box or .home or some other domain they don't own instead of .home.arpa for their home network...

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I accidentally found a security issue while benchmarking postgres changes.

If you run debian testing, unstable or some other more "bleeding edge" distribution, I strongly recommend upgrading ASAP.


@mntmn There is none, it wasn't meant ironically.

Although I suppose, on debian, you could use

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
dpkg-reconfigure locales

But it's not very fine-grained. And the keyboard-configuration dialog only shows up if a keyboard is found.

@mntmn If only there was a dedicated independent tool with this as it's only purpose instead of a halfbaked binary burried in the systemd project.

@foone Personal home pages, the web, and personal computers, are dead. People have been succesfully changed from users & makers into dumb consumers.

@foone Maybe you could use something like criu.org/ . It's not exactly what it's meant for, and I haven't tried it, though.

@foone This almost looks like PHP, only the ; are missing.
Also, in php, they have '$name[] = "meow";' for append.

@foone It'd be great if all PCIe slots were just replaced by internal thunderbolt ports, and you wouldn't have to worry about plugging cards into the mainboard and if they fit besides each other anymore. You could stack them much more efficiently, and have them in A5, A6, A7, ... form factor, so you could have 1 A5 sized device, or 2 A6 sized ones in the same space, and so on.

@nixCraft Mark my words, "Microsoft will finally lock out 'insecure' linux distros from PCs using secure boot, similar to how it's been done on smartphones".
Also, we'll get much worse computers, after china takes over taiwan and we can't get the chips anymore.

@nixCraft None of the above. It'll remove it. Purging it is a different operation.

Do you know about the lockdown LSM yet?
I'm fuckling root, and it just won't let me do variois things!
And you can't just disable only it either, other things really really want it!

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@foone Everyone already knows them. PI rad is 180deg, tau rad is 360deg. I prefer things normalized to to a range of 0..1, though.

@jaseg Neat. Is there also a way to detect EME DRM?

@foone Do you know about json-ld? It's valid json, but with a context for linked data, which is like namespaces, but worse. You can call your fields whatever you want, have multiple names for them, represent the values in multiple ways and many more fun things.

AI can't replace humans in IT. Those AI lack agency, can't take responsibility, are susceptible to makeing grave mistakes, and can't build on their past work.

Companies will learn it the hard way, but many new companies will emerge to take that oppurtunity and replace them.

@foone In C, I like to use negative indeces. With a pointer to the end of a buffer, you can count from -n to 0, data[i] will work as expected, and you always know how many elemwnts you can look ahead (-i) without having to do n-i every time.

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I just got access to Google’s new MusicLM and…


No exaggeration when I say this will change the music industry. Thanks twitter.com/zackhargett/status for the HT.

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