out of context thought

"Commissions are sorcery speed they don't use the stack."

two missions later payback comes in the form of me getting *thrashed*. I dropped three mechs including a heavy on the other side, but two of mine had to eject in the process. And the remaining three enemies were untouched.

Cue running screaming for the evac point, then the game showing me the salvage I got none of just to rub it in..

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and then the next turn Behemoth head-shots and kills an Orion in a Shadowhawk. o.O This mission went from AAAAA CRAAAAP to major payday real fast.

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Current Battletech playthrough: Decker solo'd a Marauder in a light mech. Firestarters are very, very painful :D

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now would be a good time to make sure your firefox and torbrowser update, especially linux users. 

remote code execution and file reading in linux firefox and torbrowser patched in jan 2023



vacation shenanigans 

all I did was LOOK at the monofin and the body's balance went "oh ok we're on a boat now" staaap

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vacation shenanigans 

I broke my dragon today!

Once with the word "hat"

vacation hiking 

this is what the designers of the trail we hiked today called "gently sloped"

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@Doephin: "I think if this road were a foot wider I would be a lot more comfortable driving it."
40 feet ahead, sign says "Road narrows"
Doephin: "Now you're just trolling me!"

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This is one of my favorite recent art pieces. By Amy Mebberson. I want that dress!

vacation mostly joking whine, caps 

we have also been denied garlic bread. :( The restaurant is just gone, the space is totally empty.

(it was REAL GOOD)

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vacation happenings 

also on the flight in Soreth looked up and there was another plane going by the other way, maybe half mile away

in the middle of the Pacific

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vacation happenings 

Old school Polynesian catamaran out on the water today, being followed around by a small pod of dolphins

COVID reaction / vacation 

first time in a restaurant since 2020. Helps that the entire thing is an outdoor patio but I'm still kinda ~ here

vacation mostly joking whine, caps 

( this is the brownie awoo.space/@Doephin/1035536044 )

restaurant is still here but rebranded and has no written dessert menu? might just be bad dessert rng

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vacation mostly joking whine, caps 



The loop in Groundhog Day were actually caused by an Alpha Mimic from Edge of Tomorrow dying during the invasion of a different planet.

Phil happens to have a mutation that lets him *notice* the loops. He goes mad during the Battle of Verdun later in life, thinking he's trapped in another loop but unable to discover why.

a RPG character interaction that never happened 

"Look this is a music based ritual. This isn't one of those ceremonial pomp and circumstance things you can rush through. The magic needs the song. That song."

"I understand! Have you heard of Nightcore though?"

"Please stand still while I fetch a rotting herring to smack you with."

fake krogpost 

Torg: MERG! Why you give stone with no speckles instead of stone with two shiny speckles?

Merg: River flood, bitdirt all gone. Merg run out shiny stone, regular stone good enough!

Torg: No! Merg give shiny stone!

Merg: Fine, I fix in post.

*hits Torg with wooden post*

Krog: That not what post mean

Merg: I still have post.

Krog: Me am take Torg to cave now.

(if you have no idea what the hell I'm doing here, youtube.com/watch?v=h99avNOtOo)

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