USpol, wut 

US politics is weird as fuck right now, more so than usual. Today managed a new type of wut, though

Congressman holding a baby as he walks through the halls, and answering "Not yet" to questions about if it's his. Then getting into a screaming match about something unrelated, again still holding the baby.

(it was Santos, because of course it was)

Do people calling me just have a sixth sense for when I'm waiting for a call, or what?!

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US pol, positive for once, actionable! 

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is updating its workplace harassment guidance to include misgendering and other #trans specific harassment. Public comment on the proposal is open until Nov 1, 2023.

You can include public input here — please do, as there's already transphobic comments on this proposal.

Proposed additions to the EEOC guidance include:

"Sex-based harassment includes harassment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, including how that identity is expressed. Examples include epithets regarding sexual orientation or gender identity; physical assault; harassment because an individual does not present in a manner that would stereotypically be associated with that person’s gender; intentional and repeated use of a name or pronoun inconsistent with the individual’s gender identity (misgendering); or the denial of access to a bathroom or other sex-segregated facility consistent with the individual’s gender identity."

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oh god Songtradr’s takeover of #Bandcamp has ended up being way worse than anyone expected much more quickly. tl;dr: Songtradr isn’t honoring the union, has locked out employees from critical systems, and is basically trying to steamroll everyone in the handoff.

At the very least this means this #bandcampfriday might not be so great, and most likely everything about bandcamp is going to shit very rapidly.

Random wondering of the day: Does anyone use "centigram"? I always see either gram or milligram.

Actually centi and hecto seem to get skipped a lot in general. I've only ever seen the later in "hectares" which...doesn't actually use it, just looks like it does

dream wtfery 

Brain apparently decided today was Crossover Day, as the last dream of the night featured dragging a corpus-infected Joker into the Underdark which looked more like Hell from Good Omens but better lit

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Congratulations to everyone who read this vintage-1976 _Peanuts_ at just the right moment to gain a desire they couldn't begin to understand for years.

Scene: the Warhammer 40k universe. An inquisitor. A very, very angry inquisitor.

Because the Culture found this universe and assigned him a slap-drone. So every ten seconds or so a loud noise plays that drowns out whatever he has to say and there's dozens of half-melted pistols around from his attempts to shoot the thing.


"No, that's my job. Would you like some tea?"

Tonight in stupid dog things:

-ambulance goes by
-coyotes start howling at the siren
-dog initially starts howling back then goes wait NO THOSE GUYS SUCK and barks demanding to be let outside

American healthcare system 

Conservatives: "we can't change the healthcare system or we'll be like the Europeans with their waiting lists!"

actual US healthcare: referred to cardiologist in July, they are "ready to schedule" two months later for an appointment in May.

Oh and there's only one hospital system that isn't owned by religious fanatics

Things that pop to mind unbidden:

A bunch of Star Wars clone soldiers trying and failing to understand "yo mamma" jokes

Went out to the kitchen to see the most bedraggled crow taking a bath. Somehow they had mud smeared from back of head to mid-back.

fantasy microfic, religion 

"So, what god will you stand before when you die?"

"Wait, what? You guys still follow that heresy?"

"WHAT?! Do you not believe in the gods?"

"I do! But that's not how it works. The gods embody the facets of one part of things. The Lord of Poems has no interest in judging a person's soul, the afterlife isn't *for* us."

"Then why..."

"We're composites. We're multiple things in one. That's why we exist. The gods find the idea of a being that's not A Singular Idea personified endlessly fascinating. Your life here is a reward and a way of...sorting which gods you'd like to spend time with in the after, and which gods would enjoy playing with you."

"I am so confused."

Weird body shit (not mine) 

TIL "extra armpit nipple" is in fact an option the human character generator can roll.

This drive also featured the line "Fuck that's a switchback not a scenic turnout"

(they built a *lot* of turnouts into the curves, because hey this way if someone overshoots a curve they don't..cliff.)

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Toon comedy I haven't seen though *someone* has to have used:

grabbing someone's dialog bubble and beating them with it

We have seen the giant sculpture of a crow eating fries!

and many other things but that was most recent

TFW that's the road you'll be on in a half mile somehow

all hail switchbacks!

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