Chemistry, FOOF, WHAT 

So you might be familar with the horrible, horrible chemical FOOF. That's it's chemical structure not a nickname.

If you're not I highly recommend reading this, it's hilarious.

Anyway! I discovered today that there is actually a use for this chemical that burns pretty much everything including itself and explodes if you look at it funny.

You react it it with radioactive waste.
"..Asprey discovered that FOOF could recover elements like plutonium and uranium from nuclear fuel waste, in which the radioactive elements exist as oxides. FOOF does this by transforming them to hexafluorides at room temperature. The hexafluorides can then be fed back into the nuclear fuel cycle..."

I'll be over there. Waaaay over there.

re: Town of Us satisfaction 

I got to top this the other night :D

So Town of Us updated recently and added among other things the Grenadier imposter. Basically they throw flashbangs.

Once again the Sheriff. Four of us are near each other when a flashbang goes off. I immediately start dashing around randomly mashing the kill button.

Somehow between the imposter and me, NO ONE dies. In the next meeting I out myself as the Sheriff and, cackling slightly, inform the crew that "If you come near me I WILL SHOOT YOU."

Because being the Sheriff puts a target on my head. And lo, very next round someone role passes me and doubles back to go for the kill. I shoot first, they die. Scratch the serial killer.

At the end of the round several of us are once again clustered in a single room. Again flashbang. My screen goes white as I mash the kill button. The imposter, unaffected by the grenade, runs up to kill me...

...and dies to random murder-flailing.

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Dear Factorio mod authors...fusion SHOTGUN SHELLS?!

(the manned / maned pun was not intentional but I'm going to pretend it was)

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Fun fact: Corgis are actually the remnants of an old space program. The unused leg length for each dog is conserved for the next generation.

The goal was to then crossbreed them with a manned wolf, releasing all the many generations of stored leg length at once to produce a dog that could simply stand up to reach the Moon.

that said it's really funny that the Korean cover I found keeps the structure and rhythm of the song better than a lot of the English covers.

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For a game that every time I've seen it played looks like something I would not at all enjoy, Warframe has pretty good music.

*Sleeping in the Cold Below* has been on repeat a lot tonight.

At the sound of the gerp there will be the sound of a beep

*looks up reviews of small phones*

*top rated one is 6 inches*

what the actual...stauup. One handed phone user here please stop making me TF my hands bigger to use a phone :P

Town of Us satisfaction 

Oh that was sweet. Town of Us game, got the Sheriff role- you can shoot people but die if you hit a crewmate. Most of the time I don't get much done but this game oooh. :D

First round, only one person dies despite two hostile players. There's a fairly hard accuse, but there's also a Jester in play- who can win by getting falsely accused. So we pass. As the sheriff I follow the Jester, kill them, and immediately report.

The next round, I clear a teammate and as I'm following them around an Imposter kills them so I'm able to immediately dart in and kill the imposter, game over crew wins :D

(town is an among us mod)

Weird slightly disturbing find of the day: Some electricitcal protection clothing is rated in...calories.

Nothing quote as amusing as getting mana flooded when playing vs a land destruction deck.

Plays plains
Plains gets blown up
Plays plains
Plains gets blown up

repeat x3. Opponent concedes.

Is the Snow stuff in magic ever actually...relevant? Seems like either you have Snow lands, and therefore run Snow lands, or you don't and don't care either way.

Parker is getting a hamburger tonight because it fell on the floor.

Except it's not his dinner time yet so the burger is in his bowl which- SCANDAL- isn't on the floor

He's quietly going mad :D

(also the cast for the original was so good that anything new is probably a bit cursed to start with)

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Today's monkey paw:

Babylon 5 is getting a reboot

...on the CW, known mostly for low budget teen dramas and superhero shows that turn into low budget teen dramas

COVID, Idaho, travel warning and WTF 

Not that anyone should be doing a ton of traveling to areas with big outbreaks right now anyway but *do not go to Idaho*.

Their health system is so fucked they have issued a UNIVERSAL Do Not Resuscitate for all hospital patients. If your heart stops or you stop breathing, for any reason, sucks to be you. No CPR.

This is the cost of antivaxxers and Trumpists who refuse to take the most basic of precautions and sometimes actively encourage spread.

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