So apparently Epic bought bandcamp just so they could wave it around in their lawsuits against other stores?

People make fun of LCARS from Star Trek TNG but it's just about as impenetrable as modern smartphones at this point..

Stupid physics thought of the evening

If a spacecraft aimed an IR laser at another at the *exact* frequency of it's normal thermal radiation... would the laser be noticable because it's coherent or invisible in the background?

Hmm. Games that are marked as "Unsupported" on the Steam Deck do sometimes still work! Apparently for Valve unsupported means "you have to fiddle with this at all".

A bit more strenuous than I was expecting.

the rather more important partially saved PDF I was working on, not so much

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Apparently Windows 10 got slightly smarter when I wasn't looking. It did a forced update (boo) but then my unsaved text files were still there afterwards (yay?)

Randomly reminded that during my last ER visit a nurse asked "so how're you doing today?" in the making-conversation since

it took less effort than I was expecting not to say "What do YOU think?!"

Today in Stardew Valley I got a telemarketing call from a mouse annoyed I hadn't bought any of his hats yet

Medical ? 

Today's ER roulette says: CT sees nothing except for a tiny area they couldn't see clearly which isn't important as far as I can tell.

Blood tests are negative for the "PANC NOW" stuff. COVID test says nope.

so I just continue to have Mystery Chest Irritation and cough and follow up with my doctor. Yay?

Nuclear engineering meepery 

You know when I heard "molten salt reactor" I naively assumed the salt would be something fairly common. Probably not NaCl or anything, but relatively tame.

Instead one of the early models apparently used FLiBe. Florine Lithium Berrylium salt.

....don't leak that kay?

random late night thoughts: I wonder if anyone made a parody video where Gordon Freeman just...pulls the sample back out of the accelerator.

medical whinging 

Oh hello there inhaler driven twitchiness and anxiety I did not miss you fuck off

So I still have a gmail account with deadname.deadname.lastname at gmail

Gmail recently let someone sign up as deadnamedeadnamelastname at gmail because they're geniuses. Except it doesn't seem to Poor guy keeps signing up for things and sending SO MANY "verify your login!" emails. Work looking shit too, not obvious spamtraps.

Oh hey, top score for the daily in Otteretto! Granted like 200 people try for it, it's a niche game, BUT STILL

( Puzzle matching, but with palindromes instead of match 3. Really fun. it's on Steam for $5.)

Ortho family health ~ 

the sheer amount of cancer they've taken off moms skin in the few years is getting mind boggling

Not a single melanoma thankfully

Arg my eardrum will just not...stop.. twitching @.@

Huh. The company that owns the local ski resort is Alterra.

Same as Subnautica.

@Phorm Late congrats on the birthday by the way :)

Now to deliver 39 champagne bottles and one looks like a champagne bottle..

Watching gaming spaces re-discover in real time why FAQs and later Wikis became a thing is hilarious.

"Check our discord for info!"

*gets salty when people ask them same question over and over because discord is a chat program*

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