Since we're on the theme of "boneheaded decisions that suck", who asked for the view counts for tweets on twitter's timeline view???? It makes it more cluttered, puts info people generally might not care about front and center, and it'll absolutely give people anxiety if they do care. I don't think there's a way it can be disabled either.

honestly, the closure of the FA forums and moving it onto discord really sucks and I'm not even on the forums. Forums have been dying out and it feels like not a lot of people care? Idk :c

It was so hard focusing on work today. Not fun at all >.<

at least firing up my mastodon app gave me an excuse to update my profile, so that’s one positive thing. Anyway, back to work I go >.<

On one paw, Musk sucks real bad and I don’t think he’ll do a very good job at running it. I don’t think he does a good job at running anything anyway. On the other paw, if I was to move off, I’d miss out on commissioning artists I follow and like. I want to support them as much as possible especially in this economy. I basically fear that their livelihoods will be impacted by this change and this is upsetting af to me :c

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Musk moving to buy birdsite for real wasn’t the news I was hoping to see this morning. This, plus work being a bit stressful has really brought me down. Told myself I was going to move off the site after my current commission is wrapped up but also I’m… super conflicted about that.

Big gay energy is when you put a photoresistor down, look away to check the circuit diagram, then look back and realize you forgot where you set it down.

Since I'm on Telegram more, I'm real tempted to commission a sticker pack for my woof sona aaaaaaaaa

"Install this app plz it's addicting. I got my family addicted so plz install" ~ Summary of an ad I got on my phone.

Idk I kinda thought this user interface class didn't need to go over the basics of JavaScript for a few weeks. Guess I need to relearn self taught stuff D:

Reddit drama 

As expected, the League of Legends subreddit is going bonkers over a room in PAX being reserved specifically for women/non-binary folks. LIke is that what they're *really* going to get angry about? Really??? It's not even going to be for a whole DAY and they're acting as if it's the end of the world.

I really hate the internet sometimes.

And now I wanna rant about my previous post *again*, but I won't. I have an Android hello world app to program in lab.

US Pol and birdsite 

Trump Twitter is the most predictable thing in the world at this point. Early morning rants about people he used to like but now doesn't, calling any news he doesn't like as fake, and endorsing politicians for the same reasons over and over again.

Cruz is probably more interesting than Trumpo

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