I should learn how to use world painter. I'd be neat to try and recreate the Satisfactory map in mine craft, at least the green area with the big arch. That would be so cool with Create.

Today I started playing Satisfactory again. Seems more stable on Proton now, and portable miners are fast now.

Up until Bridget I didn't even know there were multiple ending depending on your win-loss in arcade mode because I only either lost before the end or made a flawless run.
Unless this was implemented since the last time I played Guilty Gear, I dunno, reinstalling.

Just played the first level of Ultrakill up until the boss. Feels fun but I'm sure rusty at fps game now. I'm gonna need to work on my mouse flicking, might need to switch to a drag-on-desk mouse because the trackball isn't cutting it.

Went ahead and bought more steam wallet instead of waiting for a week to sell items since I wanted to get ultrakill too anyway. 🐺​

Linux users can see in 60fps to see errors while the a command is going brr.

Huh, realised if I'm bookmarking the home page of a site with a unique favicon, I don't need to give it a title. Just having the favicon keeps the bookmarks bar clean.

Yeah nah I'm moving my desktop back to sway entirely. KDE's conveniences come with really difficult to figure out drawbacks.

I think Notch finally lost his control over minecraft when people started dropping the ? in Steve. Because people could confidently call him Steve without feeling like it needed ambiguation to prevent conflict with author and any name fans might come up with, it could coexist.

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Huh, I got the 3D skin viewer in PlanetMinecraft to work in librewolf, had to set privacy.resistFingerprinting.autoDeclineNoUserInputCanvasPrompts to false. Meaning the browser is still secure, since it prompts you before doing, uh, whatever it is it does I dunno I'm not that advanced at javascript yet.

Dang is PlanetMinecraft getting internally DDOSed? Cloudflare is up but the site is rapidly going on and offline.

I didn't know PMC used cloudflare, usually cloudflare sites don't work with lynx browser but PMC works fine.

Just woke up, there were some dogs on my porch I needed to shoo away, and after I said "Ay, don't do that, go away" they just picked up their heads and one headed towards me.

I feel like a small dog that got picked up after barking at someone. 💢​

My dreams have been in HD lately, and coherent scene transitions. Maybe I'm getting beter nutrition lately? I dunno but this is nice.

uspol, semi-joking conspiracy hypothesis 

Semi-joking conspiracy hypothesis: What are gun buy-back programs are an NRA plot to raise gun prices and give cops access to free guns?

Oh this is adorable, and I love the concept.
Also I want more movies where people make expressive grunts instead of talking.

I just spent a good while mining andesite with TNT in my create + feline origin world when I realized it wasn't dropping any andesite. I had a datapack that made the igneous stones drop cobble and clay unless mined with silk touch.

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