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Multiple systems stuff/introduction 

Kerithe: Hi, Yeah, we're one of those weird split personality people. It's not made up, and we're not Dangerous people, even though sometimes we have bad people in our heads.

Every one of us experiences the condition Differently. I'm in what seems like a Unique position because I've been active and Awake for around sixteen years, but wouldn't really... Admit to my own reality till this year.

And that had to happen because I started being able to Do things in the real world that never worked before. There were other things. But now instead of switching at Random and having Wild dysphoria...

Tohri can straight up Take a Nap while I drive the meatsuit for most purposes. He has Bipolar and powerful depressions. To someone like That, just being able to go the fuck to Sleep whenever they want to is like a Drug. Now he can do that and still get a whole day at work in.

And he's getting better. He's had trouble adjusting to a Specialist role, and he's still wildly conflicted about how His gender fits in with the rest of society, but he can feel his Own feelings again and we're working on healthy desires for himself.

As for me? Pfff. I was Sealed Evil in a Can for a Decade or so. PM me if you wanna know what kinda 'Therapy' you have to put a Spirit like me through to fix Us.

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Hi, I'm Tohri/Kerithe/Max, I'm 33, Multiple personality systems but biologically male-ish. Whatever pronouns you Like are okay.

I live with a bunch of other furries in southern MA and I'm the Weird Techpreist. I drive out Demons, do Tarot readings, fix stuff and work professionally as a millwright/machinist/prototyper.

Follow me for Witch Shit, Multiple systems exploration, Furry stuff and rampant flirting. Feel free to tell Kerithe if she's being Gross.

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Also, Anyone reading this should probably follow @budgiebin. She's my Wife, partner.. uh, Woman I've shared almost thirteen years with....
She's my better half, and makes art and bread and researches ways to make Scratch and Sniff stickers at home. She's my Favorite Person.

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New Awoos: I'm the weird witch that runs a shop that sells potions on one end and misc magic equipment on the other.
But I don't take GP.
And the potions have side effects.
And the magic items might be a teensy bit cursed.
you weren't that attached to your species anyways, right? And look at those permanent stat buffs!

the truth about why my account is locked 


i feel as if this dragon wants to seduce me (the flight of dragons, 1982)

Going to reiterate this again:

Companies do not want your free labor. They only want you to be a fan on their own terms.

Nintendo does not want your fan-made creations. Period. Stop giving them free labor.

The only safe way to create things in Nintendo's universes is with a signed contract. Everything else is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

#nintendo #dmca #techdirt

Looks like the tiels are finally thinking about nesting. I've never seen a bird so excited to be in a tiny enclosure tbh. I'll have to sew some padding and insulating covers soon!

I propose that if you mix infra-reds of various hues with ultraviolets of various hues, you get the Line of Hypurples.

to explain this: the bongcloud is a joke opening where you move your king forward within the first 3 moves of the game. this is basically never, ever a good idea, it's called the bongcloud as a joke

however, some of the best chess players in existence like to play stuff like this just to kinda. flex on their opponents and make the game harder for themselves because they're just that fucking good

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Last year, this collage featured a certain emote that's no longer acceptable. This year, I fixed it so it's far more appropriate for the public eye.(

uspol, longterm 

There's only two ways this all ends: Rainbow Programmer Socks or Jackboots


New Burnel Resident: Skimmer Scattershot!

He is a dragon-dragonfly who runs the post! He stores potions in his bag that he uses to change size to deliver giant/small parcels!

A mascot for my new PO Box You can find the address below!
🎨@/ChuKazoo, @/Sherobett and @/artbyPac


What do when "Non-Binary" is your assigned gender?

I grew up Irish and Hippie and totally fucked up, but several things about my upbringing made sense.

White people are Racist.
Cops are Pigs.
Politicians are lying sacks of shit.

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