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Multiple systems stuff/introduction 

Kerithe: Hi, Yeah, we're one of those weird split personality people. It's not made up, and we're not Dangerous people, even though sometimes we have bad people in our heads.

Every one of us experiences the condition Differently. I'm in what seems like a Unique position because I've been active and Awake for around sixteen years, but wouldn't really... Admit to my own reality till this year.

And that had to happen because I started being able to Do things in the real world that never worked before. There were other things. But now instead of switching at Random and having Wild dysphoria...

Tohri can straight up Take a Nap while I drive the meatsuit for most purposes. He has Bipolar and powerful depressions. To someone like That, just being able to go the fuck to Sleep whenever they want to is like a Drug. Now he can do that and still get a whole day at work in.

And he's getting better. He's had trouble adjusting to a Specialist role, and he's still wildly conflicted about how His gender fits in with the rest of society, but he can feel his Own feelings again and we're working on healthy desires for himself.

As for me? Pfff. I was Sealed Evil in a Can for a Decade or so. PM me if you wanna know what kinda 'Therapy' you have to put a Spirit like me through to fix Us.

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Hi, I'm Tohri/Kerithe/Max, I'm 33, Multiple personality systems but biologically male-ish. Whatever pronouns you Like are okay.

I live with a bunch of other furries in southern MA and I'm the Weird Techpreist. I drive out Demons, do Tarot readings, fix stuff and work professionally as a millwright/machinist/prototyper.

Follow me for Witch Shit, Multiple systems exploration, Furry stuff and rampant flirting. Feel free to tell Kerithe if she's being Gross.

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Also, Anyone reading this should probably follow She's my Wife, partner.. uh, Woman I've shared almost thirteen years with....
She's my better half, and makes art and bread and researches ways to make Scratch and Sniff stickers at home. She's my Favorite Person.

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New Awoos: I'm the weird witch that runs a shop that sells potions on one end and misc magic equipment on the other.
But I don't take GP.
And the potions have side effects.
And the magic items might be a teensy bit cursed.
you weren't that attached to your species anyways, right? And look at those permanent stat buffs!

history of the internet:

- you're a freak that isn't welcome anywhere offline, fuck off

- you find a community of other freaks and form actual meaningful connections that mean more to you than if you were allowed at any of those offline places

- what's that you see coming over the horizon?

- oh, it's companies

- you're a freak that isn't welcome anywhere online, fuck off

Geopol, China 

I suspect that what folks are upset about is Chinese style Capitalism.

Yes western capitalism is Bad(tm) but it ignores that we live in a Global economy. Our nation and climate is directly effected by a system of government that I'd like everyone to take a moment to read up on.

The CCP is that fash nightmare regime you're afraid of, and they've been openly trying to Fuck us.

Sure, right wing nutjobs here make our lives hell. Who do you think pays them to be that way?

I know this is extreme, I'm mostly angry that there's a Genocide going on RN and the People perpetrating the crime against humanity are Serial Offenders we let back into the international community to one-up the Soviets.

I wonder everyday how much of the world I interact with every day was made by Slave Labor in mainland China.

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Additionally, when you buy Made in China, you buy Made With Coal.

They burn coal to power everything they do, and that increases the carbon footprint dramatically.
On top of that the efficiency of their processes relies on lots of cheap labor. As in, energy inefficient, manual processes.

If you were wondering why global carbon emissions haven't slowed down much, look at the chinese megatonnage.

I just restocked beads, have Trans and Genderqueer flag colors now. Going to be doing a lot of little trees and charms too.

As someone who used to really like story based first person shooters with an unambiguous, Good VS Evil theme and thrilling heroics, I have to really hand it to Putin.

The next 5 years are going to be Awesome, as all the Creative folks have fled Ukraine and are going to be Fighting the way they know best.

Get ready for the next big Genre of gaming to be Call of Shooty: Kiev Road.

There's this pernicious belief that being marginalized in one way neutralizes every other form of privilege or status a person may have.

Not coincidentally, this belief is often accompanied by hostility to intersectionality, as it reminds them those other privileges exist, or to the concept of privilege altogether.

This is one of the biggest problems with leftism in the West, especially in online spaces where white, technically skilled people tend to create their own social media bubbles.

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That feel when you're basically a bunch of reject Guilty Gear characters.

Geopol, History, Racism 

Don't forget, the second world war was a Race War Of Annihilation on all fronts.

In Europe, two evil empires fought until the Nazi Germans were obliterated by the Soviet Red Army.

In East Asia, the Yamato People and their imperial army kept fighting that war into the 1970s in places, even after we'd firebombed, nuked, and rebuilt their country.

And all this, in an era when institutional, state sponsored race supremacy had it's high water mark. What turned it back was perhaps more horrifying than concentration camps or Nanking. Keep this in mind as we confront the racism of the 21'st century.

Nukes might be required again, and we haven't seen the racism get bad yet. Ask the Armenians how bad it can get. The Uighur are suffering that bad, Right Now.

:boost_requested: do you avoid MSG? #food #msg #poll

Transphobia, Racism 

Restricting queerness in society is a misguided attempt to combat ethnic decline due to excessive population urbanization.

White people move up the socio-economic ladder, and have fewer kids, those Kids aren't dumb and never plan on having children of their own.

This signals an demographic crash amongst the conservative members of the ethnic group, and a reaction emerges: Blame the White People who won't reproduce.

So as you're trying to understand the Hate, take a moment and consider that they might hate you simply because you're not going to be making white babies.

That's what it's always been about: More white babies, fewer brown babies.

Wrapping more tree trunks so I can just bead thru the week.

Any suggestions as to color scheme?

Geopolitical snark, east asia 

Anyone else noticed that India has twice as many Aircraft Carrier Groups as Great Britain?

I kinda feel like that might be important, the way it was important that the imperial Japanese navy had a bunch of carriers. Good thing they signed a treaty saying they're never ever allowed aircraft carriers ever again ever.

Nevermind those helicopter cruisers. Nevermind an F-35 landed on one. Japan is Kawaii now, no threat at all.


Taste that?

It's the flavor of Cultural Imperialism.

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