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Multiple systems stuff/introduction 

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Hi, I'm Tohri/Kerithe/Max, I'm 33, Multiple personality systems but biologically male-ish. Whatever pronouns you Like are okay.

I live with a bunch of other furries in southern MA and I'm the Weird Techpreist. I drive out Demons, do Tarot readings, fix stuff and work professionally as a millwright/machinist/prototyper.

Follow me for Witch Shit, Multiple systems exploration, Furry stuff and rampant flirting. Feel free to tell Kerithe if she's being Gross.

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Also, Anyone reading this should probably follow @budgiebin. She's my Wife, partner.. uh, Woman I've shared almost thirteen years with....
She's my better half, and makes art and bread and researches ways to make Scratch and Sniff stickers at home. She's my Favorite Person.

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New Awoos: I'm the weird witch that runs a shop that sells potions on one end and misc magic equipment on the other.
But I don't take GP.
And the potions have side effects.
And the magic items might be a teensy bit cursed.
you weren't that attached to your species anyways, right? And look at those permanent stat buffs!

So it looks like someone dumped their gigantic classic trek collection at thrift (with Dr. Who). These are all VHS, but the book section was loaded too. We now own a hardcover copy of TekWar and a few early series supplementals such as Mr. Scotty's Guide to the Enterprise

one of the symbols for mercury is :mintshrug: and i propose this be the new symbol for people who's gender is "i don't fucking know, what do you want from me"

So, I just encountered a Broken Stair and I could use some help figuring out how to address it.

Every night I say good night to my birds by name, in turn, and good night again as I turn off the light. Sometimes they chirp it back and it's the cutest thing. I've successfully taught them a human song

Silent Running (1972) is very possibly the Worst Sci-fi movie I have ever seen.

The pupil studied the array of weapons on the walls of the training hall.
"Master, which is the best sword?"
"That depends on what weapons and armour your opponent has, and the environment."
"But surely one makes you happiest?"
"Oh, yes!" The master smiled. "A sheathed one."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Oh, you're Communist?

Name all the times you've Sacrificed for the Greater Good.

@Motodrachen I am 100% behind this as someone into historical clothing, and as a (hopeful) future fashion designer, and as an enby. Skirts for everyone.

USPOL, Accidental progress, Utah 

Can we please just normalize skirts for guys?

Like, I'm still on This side of the line but only on paper, and I'm Sick pf the tyranny of Pants.

Have you ever sent a fax?

[feel free to boost this to maximize response.]

Political, Chernobyl 

Society if people just learned to stop being angry at how others live their lives

"I don't understand, this sword is completely jagged... how does that make it *more* powerful instead of broken? How is that realistic?"

"This is a fantasy universe, not a representation of reality. I am a dragon, but you don't don't complain that I don't exist. 'Realism' is mostly a synonym for 'I don't like that people who don't look like me started showing up around here recently.'"

"Okay, true, but that lady's armor still doesn't make any sense."

"No... no it doesn't."

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