It's been updated for the new class.

Honestly, I'm thinking I might just stick with my invulnerable character. :D

@PaulFerence you really want to just build the same character a second time?

@Maiasma Errr, let me rephrase, start the new content with the end game character I currently have.

@Maiasma Given part of the content for this is basically "End game rando maps" ala PoE and D3, it would be a lot easier taking a high level character in to it that is almost fleshed out instead of restarting again.

I think that was your original idea, and I'm just coming on board with it now. :- b

@PaulFerence what level is your character? So I can see which of mine is closest (or try to rapidly catch up)

@PaulFerence ok, I think I have one at 80/81, although if I have time I might try to close the gap

@PaulFerence yours is a phantasmal blades build, right? Mostly cold/vit?

@PaulFerence any thoughts as to which witch god cult you'd want to go with?

@PaulFerence you can see them in the item database in grimtools

@Maiasma Thanks! Also, I am disappointed I didn't respond to the initial question with: "This is a question about Grim Dawn and not in general, right?"

@PaulFerence (I am beyond salty that the Cult of Dreeg items give no real support to my Dreeg's Evil Eye build)

@PaulFerence it's still tempting, but I think my DEE character is pretty much retired at this point

@PaulFerence I wonder if the game could support us joining different cults

@PaulFerence apparently it doesn't matter actually? From reddit:

"You can get faction with all of them, but you only choose one to do their quest line, per last Friday's live stream. They do not go hostile. No areas are forbidden, and you get faction vendors for all of them."

So we could just choose whichever one is the least asshole-ish

@PaulFerence pretty open actually. I'm coming in tomorrow around 2, and besides for something that evening I don't have anything concrete scheduled until I leave the Friday after that

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