I might have broken my left small toe on Monday... ;_;

It hurts a lot if I touch or move it, and it was bruised really badly for the first day or two... but ... I don't know how to treat it, and I don't have health insurance, so I'm afraid of going to a clinic to get it treated...

armchair doctoring re: injury 

ice can help with the pain, heat can help with the swelling
try to keep weight off of it
this doesn't sound broken to me, it sounds more like it's sprained
if issues persists after a couple of days, go to a clinic and see if it's a serious issue
but i think you're going to be fine

(i am not a medically trained professional etc etc)

re: armchair doctoring re: injury 

@Raspberryfloof (a couple more days, i mean. sprains can last a while)

re: armchair doctoring re: injury 

@Kat Thank you, I'll try doing what you suggested and try keeping some ice on it, since it's mostly painful especially when it's moved or touched or I accidentally put weight on it... I have a cane, so I can use that for walking at least... x.x


@Raspberryfloof injury to the extremities happens often in combat sports and the commonly suggested solution is to splint and support with athletic tape; and we're talking about folks who are overeager to get back in and train through it. Often doctors won't recommend anything more than a splint, so you aren't missing a lot by not seeing one.

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