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Oh hey I should do one of those things.

Hi, my name's Rewhan, and I'm an auto tech in Canada in real life. Online, I'm a furry, a talking domestic ferret and a lover of all things mechanical. I do some writing, but I've yet to publicly publish anything I've worked on. My fictional universe, if/when I put it out there, will be found under the hashtag

I also love aesthetic, video game modding, and gaming, especially

Fuck it. Let's make it official, I guess.

I went to @rewhan@Snouts.Online so I guess refollow me there if you haven't already.

Y'know, I shouldn't ask these kind of questions at 9pm Pacific when all sensible human beings are in bed.

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Hey if anybody can recommend an artist whose style would be good for rendering this description I'd appreciate it:

#Hopepunk is the idea that, in this screwed-up world, showing kindness and empathy is a radical act of rebellion.

You don't just give to charity and respect people's pronouns because it's the right thing to do; you do it because fuck the patriarchy. reboot. An Open Letter. 

Fellow cooperativists and fediverse at large. This is what is actually happening at right now.

Our founding member @Antanicus has published this open letter,

We are resetting. People who caused trouble with moral relativism were suspended and others who made unfortunate statements have quit.

There is no room for nazism, racism, or other bigotry at

Please share this and help to counter disinformation

Idea: :dont_at_me: as a permissions level for a post.

Can still be boosted and favorited, but servers should prevent replying, and a server implementing this will reject any incoming replies.

If you're trans AMAB and still have to present "masculine", that's your sirsona

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

cw: games news, bioware 

lmao the shitty Bioware Destiny game only has two dialogue choices wow.

Kind of a massive step back for a dev studio that trumpeted player choice

I have an idea for a regular streaming segment I want to do, but it requires moving my work schedule around because it needs to be early in the morning for the gimmick to work.

I call the idea 'The Monday Morning Coffee Grinder' and the premise is, I roll out of bed, make coffee, get dressed, and sit down to play games known for being overly difficult or complex: Dead Cells, Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Super Meat Boy, that kind of thing.

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Donut County is really good. Go buy it. Support Ben Esposito so he can make even more amazing games.

Oh fuck OBS update.

I swear to christ OBS do not ruin my settings AGAIN

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Anybody know if there's a streaming embargo on Donut County?

Me: [Scanning a suspect file for malware]

Spybot S&D: "Enqueueing [suspect_file]..."

Me: Oooh lah dee dah "enqueueing" look who's a fancy man.

Star light,
Star bright,
First star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

- - -

I want a film adaptation of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles done by the people responsible for How To Train Your Dragon.

Someone just played Bontu the Glorified on a MtG stream, and completely lost their shit as chat chimed in with cries of "Bont-UwU"

Furry OCs 

By the way @tahajin I think it's kind of serendipitous that your big boofy OC is a pharmacist, considering when I originally created Rewhan as an OC, I wrote him basically as a travelling snake-oil salesman (but actually legit):

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