Breaking in and getting practice on my new sewing machine by stitching the "Casgaydia" patch onto my vest~

Every time I step into a back alley? I shift the entire vibe to a Saturday Morning TV commercial from 1988-1994.

I did play around with my gender identity a few years back. Stepping beyond the confines of "cis male" to attempt being full femme, or entirely NB.

Eventually I felt the most like myself as andro-masculine dragongender. Most of my dysphoria is linked to simply not feeling human.

My tattoos help affirm who I really am. But the suit? ...Wearing it is so euphoric.

Hearing someone shout "it's a dragon!" while I'm walking down the sidewalk in my suit is so... electrifying...

My Full Dragon Name 

Roady's always been a short-hand for my full dragon name:

Rodar'us D'seinah K'novah

Very roughly translates to "Path of Organized Chaos"

The D in D'seinah can be interpreted as a wall or a boundary. A structure that's "Designed."

Whereas the K in K'novah is spread out and dispersed. Like an explosion. Or supernova.

Damn... Six years ago I never thought I'd be working out a contract to be a video tech at a venue called the "Hippie Museum" in Oregon.

That's something I only would have dreamed about while smoking a bowl in my messy old campervan on an industrial Seattle road.

Now THIS is the level of organized chaos I strive for. Same house, two vibes, both seamlessly connected by a stargate between worlds.

Something big's coming for the FursuitFriday/New Year's Eve Double Combo!

So I decided to add more extensions to the bangs on my head. As well as completely redoing the back.

DANG. I gotta say. That extra volume really ties the mane together!

Yus~ I absolutely ADORE that this new Whinges badge has a sorcerer/queer-coded 90s villain look. With a subtle dash of evil queen~

Given it's the year of Johnny Mnemonic, I find it hilarious that they depicted storing 80GB in your brain.

While the real 2021 equivalent would be storing 128GB worth of data in your dentures.

POV: A pizza in the hallway "came" to life and started assimilating the people around it.

This Wednesday? I got another Roadytrip ahead as I prepare to book it for my first con since 2016! here I come!

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