This Wednesday? I got another Roadytrip ahead as I prepare to book it for my first con since 2016! here I come!

I REALLY outdid myself compared to last year's gourd hoard~

📷: Anjel Craig

Having just shipped my first commission, getting this film production company off the ground is becoming quite a journey!

I'm always looking for remote freelance work doing video editing, VFX, and motion graphics. I can do cinematography as well, but that's exclusive to Oregon and Washington.

I'll include a link to my vimeo and fursuit content below. Within the next two weeks I'm looking to publish an official website!

Cheers, everyone!

I am a creature of the night who will gladly seize the opportunity to lurk in darkness like a low-budget Nickelodeon antihero from the 1990s... With my only light source being the glow from my diabolical triple-monitor workstation.

Seeking Web Designer 

As an independent filmmaker who just started his own production company? Building a solid clientele is top priority.

But in order to market myself? I still need to build an official website showcasing my rates and my portfolio.

So I'm putting out feelers for any web designers for hire. I purchased the domain name, and all I need now is help with building the site and finding a solid host for it.

Please, thank you, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Hell yeah! I just shipped off a completed video in a flash drive for my first paying client! Talk about taking a HUGE step in the right direction as an independent filmmaker.

Holy hell it's great to be back on Mastodon again!

Time to party!!!

"I differentiate sternly between Chaos and Entropy. Only highly ordered and structured systems can display complex creative and unpredictable behaviour, and then only if they have the capacity to act with a degree of freedom and randomness. Systems which lack structure and organisation usually fail to produce anything much, they just tend to drift down the entropy gradient. This applies both to people and to organisations."

-Peter Carroll

With an hdmi-coax adaptor on the way? You can never have too many tested and working VCRs lying around. This TV is gonna be my fourth monitor for running VHS passes of my fursuit content.

AND... The TV is gonna be 50% off on a green tag sale.

During these isolated times? A dragon's gotta make his cave a fun place to be~

That's why every night is a party night at the Roadyhouse!

Roady booped

A dragon who's hoard is bread :thinkhappy: 

Because of the problem of entropy, this requires a constant stock of fresh bread, and a supply chain to keep the bread moving so it doesn't pile up and spoil.

So in other words, a dragon who bakes bread for their hoard and feeds a whole town as a byproduct :blob_aww:

In the span of five years I went from living in a van on an industrial road in Seattle to signing a deed to my own home in Springfield, Oregon...

I'm still trying to process that what kind of a journey it's been...

Late 2019-Present

Living situation:
Intentional Community --> Slumlord Apartment --> 2-bedroom home

Job situation: Canvasser-->*PANDEMIC*-->Pond Plant Delivery Driver --> Grocery Distribution --> Freelance Filmmaker

That's just scratching the surface.

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If there were a single image to describe all of 2020, it would have been this one... 10-13 hour days as a delivery driver and coming home to a crumbling 300 sqft apartment in a 19th century house.

Thankfully? I'm in a much better place compared to when this was taken, almost exactly a year ago.

Since the last time I was active? Everything fell apart...Several times...

Relationship fell apart, first job in Eugene fell apart, after the lockdown started my living situation turned into a nightmare and I had to get a place of my own. I spent the rest of 2020 as an apocalyptic delivery driver putting up with the bullshit of antimaskers and antivaxxers alike...Fell in and out of another relationship...

Somehow I stumbled my way into owning a home and getting a business off the ground.

Hello? HELLOOOO??? Anybody here?

Holy crap...I almost forgot that this existed. Haven't posted anything in two years. How many people are still on this instance anyway?

Anyways, hi! I'm back after seeking some much needed stability!

Still around Eugene, OR. Though I live across the river in a quaint two-bedroom home. I'll share more details later.

Anyways, I'M BAAAACK!

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