re: ph- 

@XerTheSquirrel I have two fans going, one by my door, the other on my nightstand. no blackout curtains (yet), though

re: OC development, non-detailed nudity 

I kind of want to do something a little more visually interesting, especially for for Rusty, but I'm not really sure what

I'd also like to make these a lot bigger and more detailed, but small pixel art is all I really have the energy for right now

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OC development, non-detailed nudity 

working on fur colors/patterns for Rusty and Rachel. I haven't really given this much thought until now, since all of their art so far has them fully clothed...

@caffeinatedcritter like at its core, being furry is one of the *least* offensive things you could be on the internet right now

@caffeinatedcritter I'm totally okay with being interested in fuzzy animals as opposed to, say, fascism, or anything else that actively harms people

@caffeinatedcritter it's amazing just how long I hung around furry people and spaces online and enjoyed furry art without admitting that, hey, maybe I AM one

old me was kind of a dumbass

re: ph- 

I end up lying in bed until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, trying to eke out just a few minutes of sleep here and there, and by the time I get up the sun's going down

I can't use a sleep mask or earplugs because I usually remove them in my sleep and proceed to lose them in the sheets or under the bed

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re: ph- 

I hate how difficult it is to just... sleep. I am completely exhausted. I NEED a good 8+ hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep, but I'm not allowed to have that for a variety of reasons. it's too hot, my back hurts, I have sudden heartburn, I have a bad dream, I have to pee, my brain just says "nah", someone's knocking on the front door, someone's banging pots and dishes around in the kitchen, maintenance is blowing leaves at 8 in the morning, someone's sitting in their car with the radio blaring

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