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drawn (sorta-)eye contact 

(note: this was originally drawn and posted on my alt account while all the stupid drama was happening and accurately depicts my feelings at the time)

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drawn (sorta-)eye contact 

hmm. I could try and get better at drawing bodies, or I could just keep giving my characters goofy expressions forever

re: meta, (what was supposed to be) my first and last take on the situation 

I don't plan on addressing any of the infuriating bullshit any further here, but... ughhh. I am sick and angry and I feel real bad for a lot of innocent people right now

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re: meta, (what was supposed to be) my first and last take on the situation 

welp! so much for all that

pack it up, folks, show's over

I got a lot of feelings right now and none of them are good

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tracking down all the stragglers who moved to other non-federated instances, or whose follows just didn't take for some reason, is a chore and a half but we're getting there

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bleh, discovered a couple more mutuals that moved to an instance not yet on awoo's allowlist :(

meta, my first and last take on the situation 

I keep seeing posts indirectly implying my friends and I are "cowardly" or "toxic" for leaving snouts instead of trying to stick around and fix things

honestly... I'm just tired. I don't have the energy to deal with this stuff. I greatly respect those that decided to stay and make things better, and I'm sorry I don't have the spoons to help

suddenly reminded that whitelist/blacklist are kind of gross terms

gonna try and remember to use allowlist/blocklist and similar terms from now on

hmm... kinda bummed that the whitelist thing means I can't see a couple of friends whose instances haven't been approved yet :/

so um, anyway, hello!

if you're a new follower: I moved over from after recent events left a bad taste in my mouth. this place seems pretty chill and I'm hoping to make lots of new friends here!

if you got dragged along when I migrated: what's up, losers

*taps snoot* is this thing on?

hi there! I'm Rusty, a red panda with a love of crusty old electronic things! I like to pick apart old video games to see what makes them tick, and document the unused stuff found inside. I also occasionally try to make pixel art, though I'm pretty rusty (ho ho).

here's some other web-type sites where I like to hang out:


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