So hey! Im gonna be switching over to Plush City. Follow me over there and i'll follow back!

Big Soft Snuggles 

Blees my friend @BlackRosettes for getting this lovely commission from @Samael101. The world needs more snake. ^^

Monster Hunter 

Checked out the demo for Monster Hunter GU on Switch and GOD it's hard to go back to the old style games after World. It feels so clunky and bad now. World has kind of ruined that for me. XD

I've come to really appreciate multiplayer games that have a "handicap" setting. Telling your friend to "go easy on you" in a game kinda sucks cause they have to essentially have less fun at your expense. Handicaps fix that.

By making your game easier and their game harder you are evening the playing field in a way that makes everyone happy. The skilled player gets to enjoy the challenge of playing a harder game while you get to play a bit more casually and enjoy the game more. Its a win/win.

Alright. Gonna try to use this more sense honestly awoo has a set up I actually like visually.

How to do a abridged series well: Work with the series established characters and build on them in humorous ways while staying true to the original.

How not to do an abridged series: WHAT IF THE CHARACTERS WERE ALL ASSHOLES?!?!?

Also if you got Fortnite on Switch guess what? Were probably not getting Save the World on that. Epic says there are no plans for it so...yaaaaaaaay. XD

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I have such a weird relationship with Fortnite, mainly Battle Royale. I enjoy it and think its good fun...but also im a little bitter that Epic keep shoving Save The World, the game mode that I PAID FOR under the rug and are barely doing anything with it.

* finely tuned trainwreck
* names things she builds cause they dont judge her
* says no to drugs
* unless shes really sad then give her the damn drugs
* 'am I the only excited about this giant robot?'
* wont stop talking about the giant robot

* literal wine mom
* has all the drugs
* the drugs are also candy
* 'do I have to wear armor? leather always looks so grody.'
* wakes up looking this good
* not so secretly horny

Favorite out of context statement in our FATE game this session. "Jeez Wendy how much goo do you produce on a regular basis?"

Also I appreciate the skip buttons they added to this so even if your having a tough time you don't miss out on beating the game. Like...I appreciated that a lot. You can make a hard game that's also forgiving. That challenge doesnt GO AWAY. It just makes it accessable.

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Octo Expansion is great because it pushes all of the games core mechanics and even some underutilized aspects to the games absolute limit. All the levels where you had to use supers to get through them were fantastic.

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Yeeeeeeeah. This friggin ruled. The final boss was amazing and the levels were so creative.

Ok all these hard ass levels are totally worth it to see Pearl and Marina be cute gay squids at each other.

Had some good soosh with! Twas a fun time. ^^

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