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hey! one more announcement I think that I moved to (ShugoWah(at), hope to see you there!

bark bark bark I'm at (at)ShugoWah(at) now!


Another small reminder that I'm over at now

hey, moved to !!

sorry for the inconvenience!

no offense to awoo it's a cool instance, just think I'd rather not operate under the whitelist thing and the longer I root in the harder it'll be to move

please refollow me one more time on

thanks, sorry for the inconvenience

moved booped

h-hell yeah i've played monster hunter! my favorite one is...

[checks smudged writing on arm]

devil joe?

moved booped

I also just feel like I've become accustomed to HBG button soup pretty quickly, still super fun

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moved booped

I'm incredibly entertained by how many of the Palico weapons are a literal gun but with the firing mechanisms removed because they're literally cats and why would you give a cat a working gun

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look at carrie's cute ff-tactics-ass soldier uniform and beret i'm gonna die

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sorry not to neg anyone who feels like it's a little too obtuse, it's certainly not very straightforward

but hoo boy was I overestimating the busy work and keeping myself from trying something very fun

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real talk I've been scared of getting into modern online play MH for years because "oooh the item management is so severe" when it's literally like

oh just bring some paintballs and drinks

that's it

register your item set and it's two clicks before every hunt


i've been tasked with delivering this fragile, valuable windows 98 screensaver

bojack spoilers? hopes for season 5 

s4 sent every character to their rock bottom essentially and filled in a lot of missing answers re: the past and then ended on a sincerely high note, so I really hope this is the turn around

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bojack spoilers? hopes for season 5 

I love the show, and I don't think giving everyone a "happy ending" is really how to send it out, but also like, it's gotta resolve at some point. You can only make so many seasons of these characters being miserable and making the same mistakes (as relatable as that is) before it's exhausting

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bojack spoilers? hopes for season 5 

season 4 was the first one of the show where it didn't end with a long sad silence or a literal barely-missed suicide attempt so please let that actually be a sign of positive change for everyone

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bojack spoilers? hopes for season 5 

I hope bojack's new sibling relationship with hollyhock actually make some palpable progress in improving him

diane is the best character of the show and mr pb makes her miserable, please separate, even if it takes the whole season to sort it out, w/e

I want todd to be happy with the ace axolotl girl he met really bad

that's about it, ready to be sad again in 6 days

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