re: Medical (-) 

Aright, it's not quite as bad, I can still have carrots and I can have (a little) (low-fat) cheese, so ham and swiss on rye is probably my new go-to for the foreseeable future when it comes to an easy lunch.

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re: Medical (-) 

Well, about 50% of my favorite foods are on the avoid list, and the other half are on the enjoy list. I guess I better really start enjoying the taste of fish!

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re: Medical (-) 

Oh and they recommend 5 days of exercise a week, but that's a given already, I already do 20 minutes on a stationary bike with two days on and one day off

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Medical (-) 

The bad news that has been delivered to me by my doctor is that I'm pre-diabetic.

I am only pre, so if I cut out refined sugars and carbs for a long stretch, as in three months minimum, I should hopefully be able to walk it back.

And if I wind up diabetic, it's not the end of the world. Still. One of those "you're 45, Charlotte, can't ignore it" things.

Anyways. I can cut candy without a sweat, but I'm going to need to research low-carb foods and how to prepare them, and that's gonna be fun fitting into my already overly fussy eating habits. But I did learn the joy of cooking this year; I'm sure there's good recipes for me out there.

re: Social Media Meta Snark 

To be clear I don't have anything against Hive and I hope that they fix the issue, but turnabout is fair play 😜

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Social Media Meta Snark 

Figured I'd update the meme that was floating around Hive ( gotta update it here since they had a wee security problem)

But they were all of them deceived, for a fifth Loko was made

TO BE CLEAR this is 100% a good thing, humans are tool users and we should get to use tools especially for complex math problems. Just funny, is all.

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Still can't quite get over the feeling that I'm cheating by using a spreadsheet for my homework.

(this feeling brought to you by being old enough to remember when calculators were considered a controversial item in math class)


The combat is in that sweet spot for me where it's challenging me just a little, where I slowly have to start paying more attention to health, to positioning, to Heroism, to hero unique traits ( I'll master Iron Man's redraw focus eventually.) It's introducing new concepts and things at a steady enough pace that I'm not drowning but I'm not coasting.

I admit I doubted this, despite overall loving Firaxus games. But I needn't have worried. This is splendid.

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Having an extremely good time.

There's a lot of AAA to-do list stuff but you can skip a lot of it since it's vanity stuff, and the stuff that's a bad idea to skip - hanging out with and bonding with the team - is stuff I want to do.

re: Grumble 

I'm also nervous because it was in a parking lot, but it could just as easily have been on the road. Going under the wheels of a car... I'd rather not think about it.

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I went ass over teakettle on my bike today when I hit an icy patch. I'm fine - a little banged up but fine. But now the throttle on the bike doesn't work. (Pedal assist still does.)

So I need to figure out which wire connects the throttle to the motor and reconnect it. Otherwise, well: so much for using it in the winter and I'll need to take it in for a repair in the spring. 😕

Weird Nightmares (overall, +) 

It was a cavalcade of difficult nightmares last night, but one nice capper to it was this: I saw lady me, a little bit at the end.

The face I've accepted I'm gonna have; better hairline, a body shape that's closer to what I want. Not an unrealistic fantasy, but an achievable one, and that is pretty nice too.

re: Furry Art Let's Pretend It's Still Friday, Okay 

TO BE CLEAR my time has grown short in the sense that I seem to not be able to find the time to wolf down five TV series of content for one franchise in a year, not that I'm dying!!

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Furry Art Let's Pretend It's Still Friday, Okay 

This one, by Kammi-Lu.

Star Trek is a thing that frustrates me and that I haven't had much time for lately as time's gone on and my time's grown short. But I'll always love it, because to paraphrase Gerry Canavan - at its best, it asks the simple question: what if the future could be good, and what if, in that future, we could be good?

Now streaming! I've thought I was entering the endgame for the last three streams running but maybe it's actually happening this time.

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I have a PS5. Don't really need-need a gaming PC! Yeah, there's graphics cards that can outpace it but they cost money I could be spending on commissions I MEAN important things

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Despite being unable to really afford one, I am contemplating a new PC for

I checked and my card is six years old. I'd resigned myself to never being able to upgrade it since I felt that digital computer funbucks were going to price graphics cards out of consumer use, forever. But now I could get one that's twice as powerful! ... and I'd have to upgrade the PSU, and gosh, while I'm in there my processor's five years old, and 16 GB isn't that much any more...

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