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So I could use some funds for rent and helping my sisters, Hazel and Willow.

So I would like to do some tarot card readings for whoever desires! My rates are $20 for my standard (past, present, two futures), $30 for one other from this list (not counting the three card draw):

I will be using the Silicon Dawn deck by default ( ) but you may also request the use of Shadowscapes ( )

Payment after reading is done

asking for help :purple_money: 


hi! I'm trans, schizophrenic, homeless, and completely unmedicated at the moment.. I lost my HRT doctor and prescription, my abusive exes destroyed my old room and got me kicked out and disowned by my family.. my entire life and support network is falling apart and I'm so fucking scared

any help I can get would mean the world 💜 and if you can't afford it, a boost would be nice!

thank you,, :heart_trans:

Snowden Explains Terrifying Government Spying Powers

"It's about power. It's about control. Be terrified."

in the context of: if someone is threatening you, they're probably doing it because it would be more expensive for you to fight than to give them what they want

and in situations like that, if you can, I think there's a moral imperative to force them into a conflict & make them pay the price carry out that threat. because if they never have to, they can carry on threatening everyone indefinitely.

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boost this toot if you are unemployed or underemployed due to invisible disabilities
if you desire, comment with some of the ways you cope with stigma, guilt, or just making ends meet

What if I 😳 cast 😳 my 🎣 fishing rod 🎣 right next to urs???
Ahahahah just kidding............ Unless?

I loved the West Wing, but uuuuuuuh, if you look past the quirky dialogue and the enjoyable bits of it, it was pretty fuckin' "benevolent imperialism" and way too quirky for the shit that was really going down at the time and we're really feeling today!

I hope this isn't asking too much, but is there any #plural people I could talk to about things? I realized I'm mostly likely plural, but I just feel very lost and confused

I need to depict all my sonas with scars at this point, tbh. Might as well emulate how I feel more and more.

Small brain: My fetish is weird.

Big brain: My fetish is okay, brains are weird.

Galaxy brain: My fetish is a spiritual acceptance of eventually being devoured by Fenrir and finding a way to get horny about it.


Magic is a personal, internal, symbolic thing. And there is nothing that symbolizes my internal personality more than "screaming and throwing things."

I want to go back to West Wing and enjoy watching it -- and the personalities and writing help that -- but in the end it's so distant from our current politics. The white supremacists were dropped pretty early. It seemed about a lot more navel gazing about liberal ideas and being a bit too quirky to tackle real tough issues.

It tried, but not hard enough.

Remember that digital devices might not always be accessible in the woods, or a signal

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I highly recommend collecting forage books for your local area and encouraging local edible plant life.

💕Survivalism can be, and must be, about using your knowledge to help💕

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I realize I'm shouting at a bunch of people who agree with me, but passing-as-cis is a fucking horrible standard, always has been and always will be.

Plant food and help plants grow and enrich soil where you can

For all the Skynet references, this is creepier because Skynet at least is a thinking AI.

These are algorithms, and I am not convinced that these people are not doomsday cultists wanting the Second Coming.

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Two US military experts have proposed giving artificial intelligence control over the nuclear launch button.

Michael C. Horowitz weighs in on the risks: " an algorithm for early warning means that you’re relying entirely on simulated data.”

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