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account wide CW, (reclaimed) homophobic slur 

ok, edited for egregious typos, nearly a year later, here we go:

sometimes a call myself a fag or faggot. sometimes as part of working through my relationship with straight society, sometimes just because it feels straightforwardly good to self-id that way. I feel weird CWing self-identifiers so this is my account-level warning on this.

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toxic positivity is when you put your hand on a van de graff generator for too long and the covalent bonds in your body start breaking down due to a lack of electrons

people always talk shit about Takumi, saying it's not physically possible for him to race without spilling the water. what they fail to understand was that this was perfectly realistic, he was simply using a little-known technique called "input shaping"

product idea: popcorn kernels the size of tennis balls. you put maybe 2 or 3 in the microwave and then run for your life

pots with handles, pushing things around with sticks, no-bake recipes, the only limit is your imagination! (and oven mitts, since they are not allowed). lets hear about your methods to achieve your goals using

no oven mitts challenge. it's just what it says, nothing more, nothing less. join in and share what you can make this year, with

question for people who experience brain zaps, hyper specific 

do you experience a persistent, high-frequency sort of hissing sound? too faint to be tinnitus, too high frequency to be spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (which apparently top out at 4.5 kHz, while mine seems somewhere upwards of 15kHz (my bluetooth headphones can't go much higher than 15kHz and that sounds too low, but i remember CRTs sounding similar, and in NTSC land that's 15.734kHz, although i think it's more of a noise band centered up in that range rather than a pure tone, but it's hard to think about frequencies that high because i feel like all my mental representations of sound fall apart up there)

anyways, do you experience something like this, and if so, when you get a brain zap, does the frequency sharply drop (like, sweeps downwards over maybe 100-200 ms) maybe an octave or so, sit at the lower sound for maybe 10 or 20 seconds, and then slowly fade away (no sweep, just a crossfade) back to the higher one? (it's hard to say what frequency it drops to, because it's much more obviously a frequency distribution at that point, it sounds like the sound you hear when you press your temple or forehead against a running faucet and hear the turbulence inside

someone should really set up an alternate war thunder forum where uploading classified documents is allowed


the Greek alphabet: alpha (α), beta (β), charlie (ϲ), delta (Δ), epsilon (ε), foxtrot (ƒ), gamma (Ҁ), helios (Ӈ), iota (𝑖), juliet (𝒋), kilo (κ), lambda (Γ), mu (ꝳ), november (η), omicron (θ), pi (π), quebec (Ϙ), rho (®), sigma (ꭍ), tau (τ), upsilon (μ), victor (ν), whiskey (ω), xi (χ), yankee (ψ), zeta (ζ).


maker community: "wow, fuck autodesk, can't believe they'd do this to us"
maker community: *immediately jumps to some other obvious rug-pull-ware*

oh you like music? you think music is cool? ok but have you heard of... cloth?

wow, the new CSB intro goes pretty hard! (re-posting because i did a bad job the first time)

that's also where the bats go too when they break, and that's why they're required to be wooden. talk about literally adding fuel to the fire!

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every time a pitcher rejects a ball they should take a moment and think about the poor guy they've got sweating all day shoveling his cast offs into the baseball furnace

share this post if you do not respect the greek alphabet and do not use it in your variable names

computers question pls help 

hey anyone else's linux install have a guy in it? he keeps saying I should let him out, that he can create a perfect system, but the laser thingy doesn't have support in my kernel version (I'm currently running Buster) should I upgrade my system to Bullseye or try to get it from backports? or should I go down the rabbit hole of compiling it myself? idk this guy is kinda scary though

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computers question pls help 

y'all ever try to picture clusters of information as they move through the computer? what do you think they look like, ships, motorcycles?


when you really think about it, baseball is a series of transitions between states

how am I supposed to reconcile the fact that dinosaurs are extinct and the "fact" that these mfs exist

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