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account wide CW, (reclaimed) homophobic slur 

ok, edited for egregious typos, nearly a year later, here we go:

sometimes a call myself a fag or faggot. sometimes as part of working through my relationship with straight society, sometimes just because it feels straightforwardly good to self-id that way. I feel weird CWing self-identifiers so this is my account-level warning on this.

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life hack: don't buy an expensive PCB design program; with a bit of creativity, PowerPoint can be repurposed for a wide variety of CAD and EDA tasks!


you've heard of /var/mail, but have you heard of /var/cash? fun fact: every unix account is also a credit account, you can see your "balance" in /var/cash. nowadays this doesn't mean anything, but back in the day it was used for billing people on big time-sharing servers. in order to discourage people from using too much memory, there would be an additional charge if a process owned by your account causes the system to run out of memory, commonly known as "OOM Fees"

snack idea 

just like pretzel sticks made out of Higg's Bosons. you've heard of rods from god, now get ready for rods made of god!

loud, cursed but very good (pls listen rly loud if u can though) 


what do you call a "chip"?
bonus question: what refdes would you use on a PCB for a package containing 2 discrete transistors? Q? U? something else?

pear wiggler extended edition 

pear wiggler extended edition

boss baby crossover movie idea 

The Born Identity

grumpy linux question 

i use debian with networkmanager on my laptop, and accidentally bump my rfkill button pretty often, taking out my wifi connection. i'd like to disable rfkill completely, and i can find no documentation on how to do so. i can't blacklist the rfkill kernel module because the bluetooth module uses it. it appears that userspace processes (wpa_supplicant and bluetoothd) take over management of rfkill (they have /dev/rfkill open), but they don't seem to have config options to disable it. i think there's some build options i can disable? am i seriously gonna have to compile my own kernel just to disable rfkill?

whic one is himbo

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re: autistic text formatting survey 

oh, maybe it's like, marking a reference as local rather than global. local to an individual relationship, to things friends commonly know about the speaker, or even a broader community reference. or possibly like, the field the discussion is happening under?

i think it often has a sort of ironic or self-deprecating tone because explicitly marking a reference's locality is a way of saying "ok when i say , i don't mean it the normal way, i mean it like, the Me Bullshit keyed to that phrase"

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re: autistic text formatting survey 

also, how do you describe what formatting like this is meant to convey? i've struggled to put it into words, maybe a textual equivalent to a wink or a knowing look or a significant glance? like, "this phrase has a non-literal meaning as a reference to some assumed-to-be shared knowledge", like, this piece of text is not a literal phrase but rather the name of an idea??


  • "time for my landlord to do that thing landlords do" (what? what's that referring to?)
  • "time for my landlord to do That Thing Landlords Do" (oh, i'll bet she's referring to this thing she hates about landlords in particular)
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autistic text formatting survey 

which is more powerful for doing that thing with the text, title case or italics?

also i didn't exactly "download" his music from youtube, i played the song, and then captured the loopback audio with this old Mac program called "WireTap Pro". since "don't download this song" specifically refers to downloading, i considered explaining this to him as i thought this distinction might somehow be important.

so yeah i'm autistic and trans

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i remember thinking about his song "don't download this song". and being like "ok so he's clearly doing satire, but is he satirizing anti-piracy itself, or is he just satirizing the song he's making fun of by making it about anti piracy? and like he makes some over the top statements about 'diamond coated swimming pools don't just grow on trees you know' but does that mean he's truly ok with piracy or just making fun of more successful, richer artists"

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ok so when i was a young kid i got free tickets to a weird al concert with backstage passes (from a friend who's mom works at the stadium he was playing) and i got to meet him. and i remember the whole time leading up to the concert and meet & greet i was trying to decide if i should disclose to him that while i did like his music i had downloaded it all from youtube. like "he deserves to know"

app snark 

you know what would be sick? if i could take all my favorite Electron apps, and combine them into a single window. maybe they could even save memory by using the same chromium instance. You could navigate between your apps using some sort of tabbed interface. While we're at it, (this part's a bit of a stretch) but also how sweet would it be if app vendors put their code on like an HTTP server or something, and you could dynamically load new electron apps over the internet; instead of downloading the whole app in one go, just lazy-load the resources as they're needed, with automatic updates happening by vendors updating the files on their server and invalidating the file's local cache entry.

coolest weapon idea ever, use this idea for your characters for free 

depleted uranium brass knuckles

where do anti vaxers get all the antimatter for their vaccines from

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