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account wide CW, (reclaimed) homophobic slur 

ok, edited for egregious typos, nearly a year later, here we go:

sometimes a call myself a fag or faggot. sometimes as part of working through my relationship with straight society, sometimes just because it feels straightforwardly good to self-id that way. I feel weird CWing self-identifiers so this is my account-level warning on this.

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do you think they had to have a meeting about how to refer to the capsule before announcing it? like, debating whether to call it a capsule or a pellet or a small cylinder? what would you have called it if you were an australian radiation authority? share your answers below

tracking down the age of memes by counting the jpeg growth rings

*walks up to the mic*: i got some TVS diodes in the mail the other day, for protecting USB ports from static electricity. they came in anti-static packaging. now thats not really a vote of confidence, y'know?

an idea for a fun twist: capture some slow motion footage of yourself building something out of wood or metal. make sure to wear a plaid shirt and have slightly dirty, tough, callused hands for maximum effect. you'll be surprised at how well the music works with this type of shot!

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basically, find some rock music with hand claps that sounds like they were recorded in an old barn, mixed with just a touch of tambourine, a dark, highly distorted bass, really punchy drums, tempo around 90 or so bpm, if you really want spice it up, a reverbed crowd of rowdy, enthusiastic boys going "oh" every few bars. they won't know what hit em

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guys I have a really cool idea: you should make a video about a tool of some sort, and have this be the background music. it'll blow some minds

just realized 9/11 is the perfect mnemonic for remembering how dates are formatted in America

i remember when the towers would stay down till christmas at least

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you can put it back up on maybe the 18th or so, but people are getting shameless these days and putting them back as soon as the the 13th or 14th. absolutely disgraceful

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just a reminder if u have a skyscraper, make sure you're ready to take it down and pack it away before midnight, as a show of respect to the towers that didn't make it

I'm gonna try to balance the joy of memeing with like, some reasonable level of also listening to people who have concrete, serious reasons for being glad she's dead. I hope everyone living in countries fucked over under her rule have at least 10x the joy I'm having as a random white Canadian who just kinda abstractly loves this

the matrix, but the way Neo's powers work is by doing weird speedrunning glitches and strats

life hack: don't buy an expensive PCB design program; with a bit of creativity, PowerPoint can be repurposed for a wide variety of CAD and EDA tasks!

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