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account wide CW, (reclaimed) homophobic slur 

sometimes a call myself a fag or faggot. sometimes as part of working through my relationship with fisher society, sometimes just because it feels straightforwardly good to self-id that way. I feel weird CWing self-identifiers so this is my account-level warning on this.

song idea: the band getting into a huge fight and breaking up live on stage, but they continue playing their instruments the whole time, up to and including whole the members storm out one by one until it's just the bass player looking scared and tentatively playing like a d every now and then

re: codeinge hotte take 

(none of the languages i enjoy writing support this. 😿😿😿)

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codeinge hotte take 

if your mature programming language doesn't support tail recursion optimization, fuck you.

trying to figure out a gender neutral version of Big Mommy Milkers

controversial rhyme 

wait 'till they see me in my great big truck
and when I say big I mean like a firetruck

roasting sizzling glowing radioactive hot child education take 

when teaching kids left and right, also teach them port and starboard at the same time, just in case

I have deleted my Meow Into The Void posts. I've done some more research and realized there's better, more transparent ways to encode the magnet links. I will be re-posting once I've reworked the scheme.

new bit i should start doing when watching TV/movies:

Just don't acknowledge L cuts. Assume the audio playing during a given frame is coming from that frame. I'm gonna be so insufferable

anyone in Toronto able to give my friend and their partner a place to stay for a couple days at the start of sept? they'll be arriving 2 days before they get possession of their place. they'll be with a cat and a small car's worth of stuff

new kind of vape: when you exhale, instead of a cloud of vape, that green code stuff from the matrix comes out

The Big Lebowski, exactly the same, except the world it takes place in is the matrix. it's exactly the same in every way, except every now and then you see neo or an agent go flying by in the background

if you think about it, marriage is basically an NFT,

idk why but this is what my brain does whenever it plays Holding Out for a Hero. apologies for mangling the audio, imagine this but good

the matrix reloaded, but in the shot where neo explodes out of all those smith clones dogpiled on top of him, they're all these shitty T-posed models with rigid body physics, and a bunch of really broken shit happens as they're launched into the air

context: i live in canada

if i wanted to get started on radio stuff, can i just, buy a radio? like if i wanted to listen to ATC and stuff, and just whatever random radio chatter is going on, is there a relatively affordable device i can buy? and am i legally able to buy one without a license, as long as i don't push the transmit button?

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