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Hello there!
I am Arina-Artemis. I come here in peace from @arina_artemis__ and @arina.

I'm a 28-years-old programmer, sci-fi & fantasy fan, LEGO player and general nerd.

I'm also fairly kinky with a big focus on transformation, BIG people (for various definitions of big, including macro and hyper), BDSM and mild mind control.

I consider myself (, probably ), and .

Hope to have a good and long stay here!

Lewd-ish (weight gain) 

A fantasy.

Being a maid to a very FAT and extremely generous Mistress. Every morning you bring her plate after plate after plate of delicious food, and then you rub her bloated belly as she settles down on her double-king-sized bed after a nice meal.
It brings a good paycheck and you also get all the leftovers.
And with a world-class chef in her employ, every bit of those leftovers is delicious, and you're absolutely encouraged to eat and snack on all of it.
And soon, you can't help but notice your own weight climbing up...

Arina: "Gosh, people say I'm kind even though I just say that they're valid and give them e-hugs, it's not like I gave them $100 or anything."
Stella: "You say those things too though. And mean them."
Arina: "..."
Arina: "I refuse to talk without my avocados."

Okay, but what if, I took an actually quite scary and miserable IRL situation, replaced everything that is scary and miserable with wholesome stuff, and left only the delightful feeling of being against the rules/norms?

If Johann Bach is so cool, how come there isn't a Johann Bach II?

Oh. Oh right.

suggestive furry art :over18: the restaurant with skimpy wait staff but they are boys 

now in technicolor

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On a different topic, this reminds me that I still have Cassie as my big stronk lifting horse character.
Heh, a big lifting himbo horse girl.

Sona pondering 

I dunno, I guess sometimes I want to be a huge hulking brute that is all rawr and stomp.
(Probably not stomp people because I'm still baby)

Himbofication doesn’t mean you stop thinking. It means you reclaim your mental labor from capitalism. Or something. I don’t know.

Korps, looooooong, lewd (transformation, lactation, weight gain), medical stuff 

Someone who got morphed from a human boy* into a pretty scrawny bull boy*.
They're unhappy with both and manage to find the Korps.
They start softening nicely on hormones, growing an udder, starting to lactate.
And then a scientist offers them some experimental growth hormones, claiming they'll jumpstart their bovinity and lactation.
"They do have appetite increase and weight gain as a side effect, but it's still up your alley, right?"
They agree.
They take a week off and take the hormone, three doses, a dose per day.
And it does make them hungry.
They do almost nothing but eat huge amounts of food for the week, and gosh do they SWELL. Their muzzle becomes bigger and boxier but it doesn't hide their chins. Their udder grows beyond what a top milking cow would sport. Their entire body grows layers and layers of warm bovine fat.
They're in love with it.
The scientist is like "Um. That wasn't supposed to happen."
Apparently some of their fat cells have mutated and now are constantly producing those strong hormones, which basically ensures that "Super BBW milky cow woman" is their natural state, more or less. Thankfully the hormone isn't in the milk, and the milk is very tasty, so she opens an ice cream shop.

Familiar: neopronouns

New hotness: cryptopronouns

I feel like at some point I'll have to make a bot/command to sync up my identity for all my online presences (i. e., Discord, Twitter and a couple Mastodon instances).

Silly, a bit lewd 

"...Now, what services doth a beboobed gentleman like you require?"

Wouldn't it be nice to, like, be a cowgirl, and walk into your barn, and just lie down onto a couple hay bales, surrounded by more of that delicious-smelling hay, and take a bite from it and start lazily chewing while generally resting?..

Also I will probably start actually subscribing to my old Monsterpit follows from here, now that I can actually see the full list of them. 😄

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Apparently Monsterpit is coming back, as
I still wanna keep this account as another federated account, probably with the same AD/lewd thematic.
Maybe I'll be retweeting @arina_artemis__ more here. Maybe I'll write something different. Dunno yet, we shall see!

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