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Hello there!
I am Arina-Artemis. I come here in peace from @arina_artemis__ and @arina.

I'm a 28-years-old programmer, sci-fi & fantasy fan, LEGO player and general nerd.

I'm also fairly kinky with a big focus on transformation, BIG people (for various definitions of big, including macro and hyper), BDSM and mild mind control.

I consider myself (, probably ), and .

Hope to have a good and long stay here!

It's November 5th, which is Gay Fox day! So if you know a fox, be sure to-

*presses finger to earpiece* Ohhh, Guy Fawkes. Pfft, who'd remember that?

Today is a Sunday so in order to take a break from the competitive grind of the modern world I'll be switching out my pronouns for casualnouns

Furry, lewd 

What if: cow/horse/donkey/goat/sheep/etc femboys with small but puffy crotch-nipples.

Kink: transformation, werecritters 

The world needs more werehorses, weredonks, werecows, werepigs...

Kink: macro/micro 

Rat-sized anthro rat bringing their human-sized partner to orgasm...

Kink: scents 

An ork, a gnoll and a ratling walk into a bar and make every other patron their stink-slut.

That's it, that's the story.

*Foxgirl walks into work*

"Oh my god, what happened to you??"

"Oh, I had to change my DNA for security after a 23andMe breach"

Suddenly having bug moods. Something ant-like properly. With a big abdomen and antennae and 6 limbs.

advertising is purchasing /someone else/'s space in order to promote a thing

saying in /your own space/ that you have a thing for sale is not advertising, any more than the menu at a restaurant is a fucking advertisement

Kink: transformation 

Freaky lab accident that shrinks me down and turns me into a weird slug/insect hybrid critter, and I have to spend several weeks in a tank, being fed small insects and burying into damp soil.

hypno kink, transformation, noncon 

True Face Helm - Ornate helmet in the shape of a monster or animal head. When worn, the wearer slowly gains the traits of the monster or a beastfolk version of the animal, both in physical appearance and skills as well as mentally. Likely also combined with a curse that instills loyalty towards the helm's creator in the user.

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hypno kink, noncon 

Inside Out Ring - When worn, strengths the wearer's allies. As a side effect, the wearer starts progressively thinking of themselves as a tool and property of their allies.

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Quick question, are there any other Eurobeat musicians or is it all just one gal?

My brain is empty about ideas for a wallpaper, ngl.

Also the author of the original JPEG icon is here.

Unfortunately glitch-soc refuses SVG graphics so have PNG files:

Normalize saying "FOSS software."
Doesn't matter if it's redundant, it flows better.

It feels monumentally unfair that I can't just grow an udder...

Kink: dehumanization, bondage 

You should totally keep me in a cage/kennel/stable/sty, locked up and under watchful eye.

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