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Hello there!
I am Arina-Artemis. I come here in peace from @arina_artemis__ and @arina.

I'm a 28-years-old programmer, sci-fi & fantasy fan, LEGO player and general nerd.

I'm also fairly kinky with a big focus on transformation, BIG people (for various definitions of big, including macro and hyper), BDSM and mild mind control.

I consider myself (, probably ), and .

Hope to have a good and long stay here!

Kink: degradation, bestial 

Today’s mood: vaguely humanoid perversion of nature.

A bipedal bestial freak. Definitely not a normal person. Arguable if a person at all. Surely not behaving like one, all nude and filthy, tugging on its udders and genitals.

Kink: transformation 

As you pass an enclosure, you notice a mirror. Interesting, you think. For enrichment reasons perhaps? You pass the mirror, but you don’t see yourself in it. You see… An animal. Same species as other animals in the enclosure. Surprised, you blink and everything changes. You find yourself inside the enclosure, amidst new sounds and scents. Still looking in the mirror. It now reflects your human self outside the enclosure, even though the recognition already starts to slip in your simplifying mind. Would you change back if you blink again? Would you even dare to find out?..

Kink: dubcon, transformation, mental changes, breeding 

Weird TF-ey dubcon idea: content erosion.

When your mind changes so drastically, your entire notion of “sexual consent” becomes so governed by instinct, it might as well not exist. What’s the point of asking for consent when a simple rag soaked in sweat or piss or cum can make you eagerly spread your legs and/or throb so needy?..

Kink: transformation 

I think “jerking off to donkey transformation scenes from various Pinocchio media” is a perfect way to introduce a character. Especially anthro donkey.

Having a desire to do a huge Prince Ali routine for someone special.

This one dwarf in my fortress keeps engraving pictures of giant bats. I think it's their fursona

Kink (I guess), TF-adjacent 

This was a very pre-sleep thought so sorry if it makes very little sense.

Isn’t telling someone that they’d look better with donkey ears and tail kind of an insult? It does imply some level of coarseness, roughness, lack of refinement and manners…

And if it is, why does it sound so darn hot to me?..

The restaurant I dined in today has a non-alcoholic cocktail named “Herbal Mule”.
I was tempted to try it but I hate ginger beer.

Kink: transformation 

Pokémon and trainer…

Body swap,
Species swap - the Pokémon becomes human and the trainer becomes the same species of Pokémon, or
Role swap - the trainer doesn’t necessarily become the same species, and the Pokémon becomes anthropomorphic but not necessarily fully human?

CW: Inflateable skunk genies, nsfw, top nekkidness 

I’ve been inflatably Djinn’d! An absolutely beautiful drawing of Mags as an inflatable skunk Djinn by @JulieSqveakaroo. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! This was completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise.

hot take, be an unapologetic freak

no don't just be kinky, be FREAKY.

it's not enough to say be unapologetically kinky, since from my experience and existence I've seen it go "be unapologetically kinky! wait no stop not that kinky"

just embrace your true inner self and be an absolute and utter freak.

anyway the "website where you pick a covid minimizer quip from a dropdown and get a list of studies and articles that disrupt it" shitpost-to-real-thing pipeline is moving along (no it's not ready yet)

ios 17, pronouns 

thank you apple for making this a series of free text fields with as many pronouns as you'd like

even if right wingers throwing their expensive new iphones into a fire might slightly impact your carbon neutral goals

Kink: transformation 

Leaning into her touch as she takes away my gift of speech, and instead gifts me sturdy hooves, warm fur, long flicky ears and tasseled tail...

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