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Hello there!
I am Arina-Artemis. I come here in peace from @arina_artemis__ and @arina.

I'm a 28-years-old programmer, sci-fi & fantasy fan, LEGO player and general nerd.

I'm also fairly kinky with a big focus on transformation, BIG people (for various definitions of big, including macro and hyper), BDSM and mild mind control.

I consider myself (, probably ), and .

Hope to have a good and long stay here!

Random reminder that you're lovely, I mean, you made it this far right? Beyond any other rationale, that's laudable.

Keep on keepin' on, folks care, remember that.

Smile frequently, change your mind often, and do things you enjoy, onwards and upwards.

since librepunk is down i'm manually copying imagecaptioner posts to my account :dragnmlem:

I'm at a weird spot where I get both organic donkey feelings and synth/AI feelings...

Reminder that rainbow LEDs in your pc do nothing to increase performance! If you want a better pc, put that money towards single color lighting, as each one has a different effect on pc performance. Blue helps cool the tower, red makes it run faster but hotter, and green gives you health regen. DON'T FALL FOR RAINBOW LEDs

Drone kink mention 

I say we should make a thing in the Fediverse.

2 silly, 2 lewd 

Idea: a porn sitcom about a halfling, a goblin, an tanuki-person and a rat-person, all having dicks, being roommates and having various levels of crush on each other.
Call it "tripping on balls".

Silly and lewd 

Breasting boobily and rolling berrily.

And squishing plushily. Or plushing squishily.

Lewd, pregnancy, monsterf**kery 

You paid no attention to the fact that your arm and leg hair seemed slightly thicker after a ratman pumped you full of his babies.
By month nine, your arms and legs are covered in a carpet of smooth grey fur, and there's a happy trail of white fur running down your massive over-filled belly. Your changed, poined nose can easily tell your scent has shifted to something not entirely human...

Yes I am back in the fediverse, and I bring the hornt.

Lewd, demonic, corruption 

Corrupting pious heroes into unabashedly desire-filled sex beasts just for the kick of it.
Seeing the former hero's udders swell fat with milk, their eyes wide with lust and gender feels and the realization that they get to feel this good all of the time...

.  ________________
╱| _______________ ╱|
| |⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜|  |
| |⬜🏗⬜🌆⬜|  |
| |⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜|  |
|╱  ̄ 🕴 ̄🏃🕴  ̄ |╱
 ̄🏃 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

Probably lewd, definitely sensual 

I just wanna cuddle a chunky minotaur and rub their furry chest and belly and smooch their adorable cow snoot.

I can't be the only one who thinks minotaurs in the Chronicles of Narnia are super cuddly.

awoospace now has Blobhajs!
:blobhaj_smile: :blobhaj_blanket: :blobhaj_blobcat_hug: :blobhaj_heart: :blobhaj_hearts: :blobhaj_hug: :blobhaj_mlem: :blobhaj_pride_heart: :blobhaj_reach: :blobhaj_read: :blobhaj_sad_reach: :blobhaj_shock: :blobhaj_trans_pride_heart:

Blobhaj emojos by Heatherhorns are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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