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Hello there!
I am Arina-Artemis. I come here in peace from @arina_artemis__ and @arina.

I'm a 28-years-old programmer, sci-fi & fantasy fan, LEGO player and general nerd.

I'm also fairly kinky with a big focus on transformation, BIG people (for various definitions of big, including macro and hyper), BDSM and mild mind control.

I consider myself (, probably ), and .

Hope to have a good and long stay here!

Stressful day at work.
My inner gluttony demon suggests lots and lots of chocolate.

📼 VCR Jazz Mono 📼

I've spent the past few days creating my own font, using my own VCR as an initial basis and working my way up!

Made this primarily for myself, but I also wanted this to be available to everyone!

Ah, this time of year: fake wokeness month.

A small list of companies pretending to care, but ultimately just abusing symbols of a social movement. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

heyyy the tech side of mastodon

I want to try to learn unity/unreal engine (or basically any other game making software) or 3d modeling but I am a complete noob in that

do you know any resources and tips that can help me to begin to learn that???

thank you

Best species for a furry twink?
(Comment if I didn't list your favourite species here)

here's a lil' mouse friend I doodled last night. they think you're rad

"New York City removed the last public payphone on Monday"

Uhm ok, so how do I exit the Matrix now?

Pastel colors are great.
Wanna be pastel critter.

Gotta be the babiest blue to ever blue.
The peachest peach to ever peach.
The most tea green to ever green. Or tea.

Silly, lewd (chastity) 

Jeans nullge, or jullge.

fun fact: 100% of successful projects begin with somebody starting something. could be you.

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Random reminder that you're lovely, I mean, you made it this far right? Beyond any other rationale, that's laudable.

Keep on keepin' on, folks care, remember that.

Smile frequently, change your mind often, and do things you enjoy, onwards and upwards.

since librepunk is down i'm manually copying imagecaptioner posts to my account :dragnmlem:

I'm at a weird spot where I get both organic donkey feelings and synth/AI feelings...

Reminder that rainbow LEDs in your pc do nothing to increase performance! If you want a better pc, put that money towards single color lighting, as each one has a different effect on pc performance. Blue helps cool the tower, red makes it run faster but hotter, and green gives you health regen. DON'T FALL FOR RAINBOW LEDs

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