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Just a reminder, you can see all the recommendations of accounts to follow ever made on FediFollows organised into nice categories at:


As I post about more recommendations, they will automatically appear in this directory under whatever hashtags I've used on the post.

Also, many of the categories have multiple pages now. To see the next page click on "show older" at the bottom of the page.

“There are many commentators drawing comparisons between ‘Cryptocurrency mania’ and the South Sea Bubble, and note that, ‘promoters of the Bubble made impossible promises.’ Perhaps historians of the future will have cause to look back with similar incredulity on today’s market. Only time will tell. “


Pragmatically, this does potentially mean that European companies could leverage our regional privacy rights to become a data equivalent of Swiss banks.

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I cannot recommend that regular folk try and get heroku to run an app like this. So that leaves something like confluence to be their knowledge managment app.

The situation sucks. But it’s a wake up call to take open source more seriously and that easy of installation /setup will determine how many “normies” adopt these tools.

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Cloud computing made it easier for small businesses and individuals to have the kinds of productivity tools you used to need and IT person running a server to install.

But that relied on trusting that your data was safe and only would be accessible if you were breaking the law.

When the law changes because all the cloud apps are hosted in a single country that no longer respects individual privacy anymore, then we’re up 💩 creek.

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So basically it seems the best available self hosted & open source option is “outline”, but since there’s a hosted SAAS version from the devs, there’s no info on how to self host it. janejeon.dev/running-outline-w

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Is there anything like notion.so that is based in Europe or self hosted?

I have so much personal data in there (personal budget, baby’s milk tracker, etc) and the imminent death of personal privacy in the US is making me want to switch all my apps.

Really excited about this SVG alternative to Figma for
Made right here in Madrid!

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“That's because the right to abortion, according to the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, stems from the right to privacy guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment's due process clause.

According to experts who spoke with Mashable, the Court's willingness to toss one bodes ill for what many Americans' consider to be their basic right to privacy in their own homes.”

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Green light for unlimited data snooping on the horizon:

“While perhaps seemingly unconnected at first glance, the two rights — the right to an abortion, and the right to privacy — are connected in U.S. law”


What i would ideally like is to have one website where I put all my content but then the different content types feed to personal/work domains.

I don’t want to decide for people what they should see, if that makes sense.

The annoying thing is that while I can get RSS feeds from insta grid posts, there’s no rss for stories.

Here's a classic anecdote for why A/B testing is better than polling potential customers.

The Atari Lynx was the first handheld console to market. It was also technically superior to the Gameboy. But when they brought the Lynx to focus groups, feedback was that people wanted a bigger console.

The market said otherwise. The size of the Lynx was an impediment to adoption, and the Gameboy's smaller size proved to be selling feature over the Lynx.

This pushed Atari towards ruin.

Installed activity pub on my work blog(so neglected, cos baby) and husbands website, but not able to find either on any instance? The only exception is I can find my blog on pixelfed.


Hello new people! Welcome to #Mastodon! I would like to make you aware that we're not *just* a birdsite clone, we strive to leave the toxicity that :birdsite: encourages behind. We try not to talk as much behind each other's backs like with subtoots. We try to take care of the needs of each other by using #imageDescriptions and CWs. CWs are used for many things, in doubt use one!
We also give our best not to be overly confrontative and not to assume the worst of people.
#FediTips #MastoTips

Musk Dorsey Etc 

Its all being driven by the toxic psychology of male entitlement now. The most offensive thing you can do to a man is ignore him. The more powerful he is, the more violent is the insult to his ego. Musk is so utterly off kilter at the thought of being ignored, he’s spending $41billion dollars to say fuck you to anyone with a social consciousness.

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Hey people 👋🏼 if you’re not sure where to sign up or which server is best for you.

A few things I didn’t know:

1. There’s a tool to help you find a server with size, content & TOCs you agree to.
2. You can redirect an account to a new account under profile. Followers are moved with you. No need to delete.
3. You can use apps like toot! On iOS to browse instances your not a part off and see if it’s where you belong.

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