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Just sharing this glorious webcomic because it's about 75 times better than how I had remembered it.

Also, a reminder: Wolverine is ridiculous.

Food, sort of 

Warning: may contain up to 0.01% jam

Tired: software engineer

Wired: software ingénue

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Here’s me talking about how games can tell stories, why Twitter was bad for my creative process, and my hopes for the future

A friend from long ago met an author I really like, and was thoughtful to get me a signed copy of a book and surprise-mail it to me. Verdict: people are good.

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Since black Twitter is a thing, is there a black Mastodon yet?

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Have I Locked My Computer Or Does This Program Just Not Display A Progress Bar: The Linux Experience

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US politics?/religion/implied death 

If I had to choose between liberty and death, I'd choose liberty.

If I had to choose between Liberty University and death, I'd choose death

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Macs are "user friendly" in that they simplify things by not bothering to show any "complicated" information to someone who wouldn't know what it means. To anyone who would find that information useful, it's the exact opposite of friendly.

Best of all, most chapters of the _Queer Bible Commentary_ also engage the most important old-school traditional “critical issues” for the books they engage, so I can use QBC as the students’ _only textbook_, instead of as “side reading.”

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Each chapter of QBC is by a different author so there’s that many different perspectives on what it means to queer biblical texts.

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I’m using _The Queer Bible Commentary_ in my first-year Hebrew-Bible Intro class and it’s futzing awesome I must say.

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Hey I'm gonna start building the site tomorrow and hopefully launch it in a couple weeks, but I'd like to get some submissions for it beforehand. So if you're queer/POC/marginalized and make /anything/ send me a blurb and links to your work at

Wow, the _History is Gay_ podcast is really good.

Three eps in, and they’ve had queer pirates, queer monks & nuns, and queer imperial-China aristocrats.

Each ep also gets into how sex & sexuality are perceived in these times and places, so you get a lot of context.

And, the whole approach is affirming and fun.


A Always
B Be
L Laundryeing

Always Be Laundryeing

ALWAYS. Be Laundryeing

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